This Is What an Uber Van Is

An Uber van is like a taxi cab service, but the vehicle has far more space. You get a minivan that can transport 6 people, or four people with loads of luggage. 

The best part about this service is that it is reasonably priced and can be booked online. This makes traveling with an Uber van incredibly easy and simple for your trips and travel needs. 


Uber Van Is Like a Taxi Cab Service 

You get a vehicle and a driver, this is done through the Uber app, which allows for fast and easy renting for your traveling needs. 

Unlike a regular taxi cab, Uber vans are large vehicles meant to seat a group of people or a variety of luggage. It is perfect for when you are traveling in groups or have a lot of things that you are taking with you. 

It is a very comfortable way to travel and gives you the freedom to get where you need to go in style. 

An Uber van is considered a great alternative to renting a minivan for your traveling needs. It removes much of the stress on your part and makes traveling much easier. 

With Uber van services, you do not have to be the one driving or deciding on a vehicle to rent. It is as easy as renting a hotel room as everything is done through the app, and you know exactly what you are getting. 

This is the ideal option for any kind of trip that you may take that requires a larger vehicle. It is also considered to be very affordable considering the size of vehicle you will be traveling in. 


Uber Van Is Called UberXL 

Uber van is a selection of vehicles that you can choose from the popular Uber services. Uber is very popular as it is easy to use and allows you to schedule your vehicle needs. 

Unlike taxi cab services, Uber is online and allows you to pay and rent vehicles as you need them with very little effort. It is also an affordable option for people who do not own their own vehicle. 

If you want to rent an Uber van on the Uber app, you will find that option under the name, UberXL. This is where you can find the Uber vans that are available. 

UberXL has also been considered cheaper than other services to get much larger vehicles for a reasonable price—making it much more affordable than actually renting a van to drive yourself. 

An UberXL refers to an Uber minivan that can fit up to six passengers; there is also an option for an UberX that can fit up to four passengers. Depending on the size of your group, both options are great for several passengers. 


Uber Vans Can Carry 4 to 6 People 

When using Uber van services, you will be getting a rather large minivan, perfect for transporting groups of people. Most Uber vans are equipped to transport four to six passengers comfortably. 

This extra room can also be used to transport large amounts of luggage if you are moving or going on a long trip. This makes traveling much more comfortable without having to rent a van that you have to drive yourself

The size of Uber vans is a big part of what sets this transportation service apart from the rest. As most taxi cab services cannot offer such large vehicles, especially not with such ease or a reasonable price point. 

This makes Uber vans ideal for when you are traveling as a group and need plenty of room or have a lot of luggage to transport. These vans are very roomy and provide plenty of comfortable space that can be utilized. 

This is a great option for family trips, trips with friends, or business or school-related trips. 

This makes traveling much more comfortable and allows you to travel with as many people as you like, while still fitting your luggage with you. This is perfect for groups that would have otherwise have to split up and take different vehicles. 


Uber Van May Be Cheaper Than Taxi Services 

Though any transportation service will be on the pricey side, Uber vans are considered to be reasonably priced. Using an Uber van is going to usually be cheaper than a taxi service, depending on your location and how far you need to travel. 

Generally speaking, Uber is cheaper for longer trips, while a taxi cab is cheaper for shorter trips. This makes Uber ideal for longer rides that would otherwise become outrageously expensive with a taxi cab. 

You also have to consider that an Uber van is a much larger vehicle. This adds more value and will raise the price accordingly since regular taxi cabs don’t have this kind of room. 

One huge plus to using Uber vans instead of another transportation service like a taxi is that you know what you are paying. On the Uber app, you will be able to see just how much your trip comes to. 

Whereas when taking a taxi, there is no knowing until you reach your destination, and there are many things that can affect the end price. This makes Uber ideal since you can figure out just how much your trip will cost and if it is something you can afford. 

Uber also states that its UberXL options are 30% cheaper than a taxi. Whether or not this is true will often vary from place to place, as well as depending on your location and destination. 


Many Vehicles Can Be Used as an Uber Van 

Uber uses all kinds of vans for its UberXL services, this is because there are so many vans that can do this job.  

Uber boasts that its UberXL services provide both comfort and affordability, making it perfect for large groups or heavy loads. Most UberXL vans can fit up to six passengers with room to spare for luggage. 

Or you could use the roominess of an UberXL van to transport multiple items of luggage to where you need to go. 

Uber also offers an UberX option with vans that seat up to four passengers. This is a slightly smaller van that is perfect for small groups or passengers with a decent amount of luggage to transport. 

Some vans that you may see as an UberXL van are: 

  • Chevrolet Traverse 
  • Dodge Grand Caravan 
  • Mahindra Xylo 
  • Nissan 
  • Mercedes-Benz Vito 
  • Hyundai 
  • Toyota Sienna 
  • GMC Acadia 
  • Dodge Journey 
  • Toyota Highlander 


Uber Also Offers Uber Comfort 

Along with its many other vehicle options, Uber, also offers luxury services to customers looking for a luxurious experience. 

This vehicle will usually be high-end and will never be older than ten years old.  

It will be a high-end luxury Sedan for the ultimate Uber experience. These vehicles will usually be black in color and come with a professional driver. 

They are perfect for renting for a special occasion, business trip, or going to and from parties. These van options will be much more luxurious than UberXL vans and will be more up-to-date in style and make. 


How to Book an Uber Van 

Booking an Uber van is incredibly easy, which is part of why Uber has skyrocketed in popularity amongst other transportation services. It provides a fast and user-friendly way of booking transportation from the ease of an app. 

Long gone are the days of having to stand outside hoping for an available cab to stop next to you. Now you can simply schedule your transportation as you need it and arrive everywhere on time. 

To book an Uber van, you will need to download the Uber app, this can be done on your phone or computer or other form of technology. Once downloaded, you can create and save your account to make future bookings faster and easier. 

Unlike some apps, uber does not require a huge amount of information, making it easy to set up in a hurry. All of the necessary details are easy to fill out, and once you complete it, you can save everything for the future. 

This makes Uber one of the easiest and most user-friendly forms of transportation around. Setting it apart from vehicle rental places and other transportation modes like taxi cabs. 


Download the App 

To book an Uber van, you will need to first download the Uber app to rent a van. Once downloaded, you will need to also create an account to get into the app and move forward. 

Make sure you create an effective and safe login that you will remember in the future. 


Create an Account 

From there, you should create your account, adding the information that is asked for. This will help the process to go smoother as well as make future Uber rentals faster and easier. 

Adding in all of the necessary information will also help to reduce the chances of any issues coming up in the future when you rent. 


Put in Your Location and Destination 

If you enable the GPS locator on your smartphone, it will automatically add your current location and save you the time of putting it in. if you do not want to have the GPS tracker on, you can add in your location manually. 

Once you have added your current location, you will need to add the destination that you want to go to. Make sure to double-check both locations to make sure that they are correct. You don’t want to send your driver to the wrong area. 

From there, you choose the UberXL option to book a six-passenger sized van, or just four people if you use the extra space for luggage and other objects.  


Add Payment Information 

Once you have put in all of that necessary information, you will need to add in your payment information. You can save this for future rentals to make the process faster for later. 

Hit the request Uber button, and all of the details will be added for you to look over. These details will include the Uber driver who will be driving you. 

Make sure that you save all of your information as you go along to make Uber rentals faster for the future. 


Uber Van Pros and Cons 

Like any kind of transportation service, there are pros and cons associated with it. Uber has many amazing qualities, but it also has some cons to consider before using it. 



  • UberXL vans are incredibly easy to schedule and pay for as everything is done on the app. All you have to do is set up your ride and hit pay, and the deed is done. You don’t have to try to hail a cab or do any complicated renting processes online. 
  • The wait time for an Uber van is great as you can schedule when you want to be picked up. This removes the need to wait outside for an available cab as your driver will show up as scheduled. 
  • The cost of Uber is very reasonable when compared to other transportation services. It has a reputation for being user-friendly and affordable, which is why it grew in popularity so quickly. 
  • Uber vans provide an option to get a much larger vehicle without having to go through the process of renting a van to drive. Uber vans are much easier to use, and you don’t even have to drive them yourself. 
  • UberXL is perfect for large groups of people like business trips, family trips, or small parties. Making it an ideal means of transporting several people to one destination. 
  • Uber vans have a carpool option that can help make the cost of using this service cheaper. It makes it so you can share your ride with several other people and all split the bill. 
  • You can save money by only renting the size of Uber van that you need.  



  • Uber uses a variety of different Uber drivers, many of which have no professional driving background. This means that you never really know who the person is that is driving you. Though Uber does its own kind of background checks, you can never really know who their drives are. 
  • Uber drivers have the option to cancel rides whenever they want to, though this doesn’t happen often, it can be a hassle when it does. This can leave you waiting until you can get another ride set up. 
  • Renting an Uber van to go a very short distance is not usually considered worth the price as there is a minimum price. You get more for your money if your trips in an UberXL are farther away and take longer. 
  • The price of using UberXL vans can get considerably expensive if you are using them to travel a long way away. This makes it less ideal for road trips, vacations, and other trips involving a lot of travel.