Editorial policy

Quality Control

All articles will not contain any copied content; they are all original work.

A writer first checks all work, and if any improvements can be made the editor will make them. Then the editor sends the materials back to the writer to approve or discuss changes the editor would like to make.

Content is only published after this process has been completed, and the editor is satisfied that the article is the best it can be for the reader.

An article can only retain what the editor who is checking the writer’s work agrees is correct, or the writer can prove correct with authoritative sources to prove the absence of doubt where needed.


Affiliate links

All writers are told to write what is best for the reader and the truth of what they find. If a writer has mentioned a product or service with a link and there is an affiliate commission available for that link, we may exchange that link for an affiliate one.

We carefully ensure through checking every article before it is published, that these commissions have not affected what writers recommend.

Writers are not commissioned in any way for what a customer may buy. Affiliate links are a separate part of the organization.

Only some links are affiliate links; many are not.