The Best Van Racking Ideas for Carpenters

Some of the best van racking ideas for carpenters are: 

  1. Creating a false bed for storage. 
  1. Build a cabinet. 
  1. Make a slide out bench for storage. 
  1. Add wooden shelving. 
  1. Create slide out drawers for organization. 
  1. Build wooden cubbies. 
  1. Add a roof rack for large items. 
  1. Add hooks for easy storage. 
  1. Use storage boxes.  

There are all kinds of van racking ideas that you can use to make your carpenter’s van more organized and cleaner. This will make your job easier to do in the long run and help you stay more organized. 

Every work van should have some kind of racking or added storage to help manage all of your equipment. This is vital if you want to stay organized and on your game as you go from job to job. 

Ideally, you should have multiple kinds of van storage to help you keep track of all of your tools and equipment. Making everything easier to find and keeping your tools in good condition. 


Create a False Bed Floor to Store Things Under 

One great way to add racking to your work van is to create a false bed for extra storage. Not only does this give you more room to store things, but it is also hidden, which can protect your tools from robbers. 

There are many ways to build a false bed, and you can do so with wood or metal. There are also many methods to attaching a false floor to your van to create a false bed underneath. 

The easiest way by far is to build drawers and simply add your false bed on top, using the drawers to hold the floor up. This is a very easy way to create a false bed while adding additional storage that can be used. 

This is very beginner-friendly if you have never added to a van before and will give you plenty of usable space. You can create as small or big of drawers as you need for optimal tool storage. 

Just make sure that you use a heavy-duty material as the false floor will have to hold up to weight occasionally. And you do not want it to be easily damaged by other pieces of heavy equipment. 


Build a Cabinet 

A cabinet is one of the most common van racking ideas that carpenters like to add to their work vans. It is simple and creates a great deal of storage that you can take advantage of. 

This kind of racking can be added to the van walls or installed right at the side door for easy access. These are often built out of wood, but you can use metal as well, wood is just considered to be easier to work with. 

You could even add doors to your cabinets if you wanted to take the extra time and care. This would add another layer of security in keeping your tools out of sight and secured in one place. 

If you decided to install a false bed, you could even build cabinets underneath it instead of shelves for security. This would give you plenty of room for storing small tools and other pieces of equipment. 


Make a Slide Out Workbench 

A slide-out workbench is incredibly handy for a variety of reasons. It is a slightly more time-consuming project, but it is very much worth the extra time and work. 

You can do this by installing metal tracks along the floor of your van, allowing you to pull the bench in and out for easy access. The top can be installed as a lid that can be lifted up or removed entirely. 

This is a great way of incorporating more storage into your work van without having to take up any wall space. It also adds another option of concealing your more expensive tools and equipment. 

Not only is this a great way to store more items, but it also gives you a sitting area if you are working on something in your van. 

Depending on the size of your van and your storage needs, you could even make two slide-out workbenches for storage. 


Add Shelving for Extra Storage and Organization 

Probably the most common form of van racking is adding shelving for extra storage and organization. This is a very common type of racking for work vans that need a place for all of the tools laying around. 

Van shelving is usually made of metal for durability and weight capacity, but you could build them with wood as well. You will just have to be sure that you choose a durable wood that can hold up your equipment. 

These can be attached to the walls of your van in a number of ways depending on your skill level. Ideally, it is best to do so while impacting the van as little as possible. 

It is best to add a slight lip to each shelf to help your tools and equipment stay on them. You don’t want things sliding off as you drive, as this can cause damage to your van and your tools. 

Generally, it is best to not store anything too heavy on these shelves as it could possibly slide off and cause damage. It is best to keep the heaviest items on the floor or as close to the floor as possible. 

There are other van racking ideas for storing heavier items that are safer and more effective. You also don’t want to have very heavy items on high shelves as this makes them harder to access without hurting yourself. 


Make Slide Out Drawers 

Slide-out drawers are an amazingly effective way of adding storage to your carpenter van. They add storage and extra security that plain shelves do not have. 

You can make slide-out drawers similarly to how you would create shelving units or cabinets; you will just need to create the drawers and with tracks that allow you to pull them out and push them in. 

Drawers are easy to make, even for someone unfamiliar with creating van racking. They are also a secure way of concealing more valuable tools and equipment. 

Unlike shelves or cabinets, these drawers are more secure and keep items from falling out or sliding off. This is ideal for all kinds of tools that have a habit of rolling around as you drive to your jobs. 

The big downside to this is that decent-sized shelves will take up a large amount of room in your van. Especially if you install them on the walls, which will take up space in the cargo area of your van. 

This will also mean that you need to be extra careful when working in your van as they will be easy to bump your head into. 


Build Wooden Cubbies to Keep Things Organized 

Wooden cubbies are the next best thing to drawers or cabinets as they supply similar kinds of storage for you to use. 

Cubbies are great for smaller items that are easy to lose track of, such as screwdrivers, nails, hammers, and so on. These are the kind of tools that especially need organizing if you want to keep track of them. 

Cubbies are best made out of wood and can be made as small as you want to hold smaller tools tightly. They are ideal for attaching to the walls of your van for easily visible storage. 

Wooden cubbies will help you keep track of what you already have and reduce the time wasted trying to find items. It is a great way to keep your tools contained so that they are scattered all over the back of your work van. 


Add a Roof Rack to Carry Long and Large Items 

A roof rack is something that every work van should have for convenience and because it is often necessary. 

You may need very large pieces of equipment like a ladder or materials such as long pieces of wooden boards. These are things that may not fit into your work van, which is where a van roof rack comes in handy. 

This allows you to store and secure items on the top of your van, freeing up space inside the cargo area. This is ideal for long items that are relatively flat. 

You can build a roof rack, but ideally, it is best to buy one that is made securely and with your van in mind. You don’t want to make one yourself unless you are sure you can do it correctly. 

You will also need to always make sure that all items on top of your van are securely held to your roof rack. This will often be done in the form of bindings to keep everything in place as you drive. 

An insecure roof rack can be a huge safety hazard if things start to fall off as you drive, so make sure it is installed and secured correctly. 


Hooks Hooks Are Great Hanging Small Things On 

Hooks are an amazingly effective way to organize your work van and keep your tools in plain sight. This is ideal for smaller tools that can be hard to find when you most need them, or for hanging cables 

These are also very easy to install and can be done in a way that will not damage the walls of your van. This is ideal if you are only looking for a temporary storage solution or later plan to sell your work van. 

Hooks are also great as they help to keep your tools in one area as you drive, keeping them from rolling around and becoming lost. This can help a lot if you often find yourself wasting time searching for the tools that you need. 


Use Storage Boxes 

Storage boxes aren’t necessarily considered to be van racking, but they are an effective method of creating more storage. They can be bought just about anywhere and put into the back of your van to contain equipment. 

Storage boxes can also be very large, making them ideal for storing your largest pieces of equipment that won’t fit anywhere else.  

In order to better control these storage boxes, you could also use securing straps to secure them to the insides of your van. You could also attach them to the floor if you don’t mind making some permanent changes to your work van. 

You could also add smaller boxes inside the storage boxes for better organization. This is a cheap and easy solution if you are not comfortable adding to your van. These will keep your van perfectly intact while still providing some elements of storage and organization. 

Just make sure you find a solution to securing the boxes, otherwise, they will want to slide around as you drive. 


Plywood is The Best Wood for Van Racking 

If you are planning on making your van racking yourself but want to use wood to do so, the best wood to use is plywood. Not only is it strong and can hold up the weight, but it is also a very cost-effective option for many. 

The downside to this wood is that it is heavy, which is part of why it is so strong. This weight can start to weigh down your van if you install a generous amount of racking. So make sure you keep that in mind as you are building. 

If you decide to go with metal, aluminum is the most common option. It is sturdy, strong, and affordable. Providing a bit more strength than plywood does, it is also more difficult to install. Especially if you are not accustomed to installing racking or working with metal. 


Why You Should Add Racking to Your Work Van 

There are many reasons why you may want to add van racking to your carpenter van. Most people would assume it is for the organization, but there is much more to it. 

If your van is part of your livelihood, there are many other reasons why you may want to add some racking for extra storage. This goes far beyond simply keeping your tools organized for your work. 

Racking provides many purposes and is very useful to all kinds of work vans, carpenter or not. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding racking to your work van as soon as possible. 


Extra Security as It Keeps Tools Hidden 

Adding racking to your carpenter can is an excellent way to protect your pricey tools and pieces of equipment. This is especially true if you go for a more concealed racking idea. 

It can be hazardous to have all of your tools laid out in your van for all to see. Someone might see them and get it into their head to steal those items to resell them. 

By having hidden storage, you can better keep your tools and equipment safe from anyone who might break into your van. With hidden storage, you won’t just be keeping things organized, you will be keeping them safe. 

This could eventually save you hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of equipment if your van was ever broken into. 


Racking Helps Organize, to Keep Things Clean and Tidy 

Van racking is also the solution to your organization problems. This can help you tackle that cluttered cargo area and get everything looking clean and tidy. 

This is important if you want to be on top of your game and efficient in your job. It will help you to be able to work faster and look more professional as you do so. Allowing you to wrap up jobs faster to get onto the next one. 

This is ideal for carpenters as you usually have a full schedule and don’t want to be wasting time looking for tools. This is not time efficient and can ultimately make you look less competent in your work. 


Keeps Things Safely in Place and Not Moving 

Installing racking in your van is also a safety factor as you do not want equipment and tools rolling or flying around in your van. This is a safety hazard and can put you in harm’s way as you drive. 

Many pieces of equipment and tools are relatively sharp or heavy, making it very likely that they could cause harm. You don’t want heavy pieces of equipment rolling around, rolling onto your feet, or coming at you when you open your van doors. 

You also don’t want small tools like screwdrivers or nails flying around in your van as you drive and make turns. This can be a huge safety risk to you, and get in the way of you focusing on driving.. 

Having your tools organized and stowed away is just as much a safety issue as an organizational one. You want things to be put away in your carpenter van to prevent any risky injuries. 


Keeps Your Tools in Good Condition 

Keeping your work van organized is also a matter of keeping your tools and equipment in great condition. If they are lying loose around in your van, they could very well become damaged throughout the process. 

If you want to keep your tools in working order, it is important that they are cared for well to preserve them. You don’t want them rolling around and getting beat up as you drive from job to job. 

Keeping your work van organized will help preserve the lifespan of your equipment, keeping it in good condition for longer. It will also keep the equipment and your van cleaner as you do your jobs.