How to Buy an Amazon Van, the Suprising Answer

You cannot buy an Amazon van for personal use because they are only made and used specifically for Amazon’s purposes. You can, however, join Amazon and become one of their delivery service partners or drivers. This is one way that you can buy an Amazon van and earn a good-sized income as well.

Amazon vans are desired for their sleek design and ability to haul large quantities of items back and forth. The bad thing is that not just anyone can buy one of these vehicles from Amazon.

This is one thing that Amazon does not offer for sale as these vehicles are designed specifically for Amazon and are owned by them.


You Cannot Buy an Amazon Van for Personal Use

It is important to know that you cannot buy an Amazon van for personal use. This is because these vans are specially designed for Amazon’s purposes and bear their logo.

Amazon does not allow these vehicles to be sold to the public for personal use, they are purely used for Amazon.

Even if you want to buy a retired Amazon van, the possibility of being able to do this is very slim. Amazon only created its fleet of vans in 2018, so most are still in a functioning state and being used.

Even when these vans get retired and replaced with a newer version, Amazon will most likely not sell them directly. It is much more likely that their delivery partners will be doing that since they own the vans.

If the vehicles are too worn out, they may not be sold at all and end up going to the dump instead. Either way, there is very little chance of being able to buy an Amazon van for yourself.

Even if you could, there are plenty of reasons why you may not want to. One is because these vans will have been used very frequently, making them less likely to have a long lifespan.

Any vehicle that has been used for delivery purposes is going to be very worn out and have a lot of miles already on it. This will make it more prone to needing repairs and could become a money hole.


Amazon Vans Cost $50,860

If you are looking into becoming a delivery service partner for Amazon, you may want to know the price of the average Amazon van. This is important as you will be buying these vans to use for your delivery drivers.

Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow any other vehicle to be used by their service partners, they must only buy Amazon vans. This can become quite pricey as these vans are on the higher side of price when it comes to vehicles.

Amazon’s current delivery vans are based on the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500. This is a large and heavy set vehicle capable of hauling large loads of deliveries to where they need to go.

The price of one of these vans is $50,860, with most delivery service partners need a fleet of at least 20 vans. Many will get as many as 40 vans added to their fleet for efficiency’s sake.

The good thing is that Amazon has a leasing program that allows you to get a fleet of Amazon vans without having to have this big of an investment. Their program states that you only need to have $10,000 out of pocket to go into business as an Amazon delivery service partner.

This is a much more realistic option for most than having to start by buying a few dozen vans costing $50,860.

Amazon can offer this leasing program as they are able to get a lowered price on their vans. Mostly because they are specifically made for Amazon, and Amazon buys them in very large quantities.


Become a Delivery Service Partner

If you still want to buy an Amazon van, the only way to really do this is to become one of its delivery service partners. This is where you buy the Amazon vans and become a business partner to help out with their delivery process.

This option is a job where you get to be the boss and create your own fleet of Amazon vans and delivery drivers. You would be responsible for keeping track of all of the important information. As well as hiring drivers to make deliveries.

Amazon has a system in place that allows you to get a lease on your fleet of Amazon delivery vehicles. This allows you to go into business with them as a delivery service partner without having to make a large investment right away.

This career option is often taken advantage of by people looking to build better jobs in their community, as you can create dozens of job positions. It is also a great way to break into the business and become your own boss of sorts.

You will still be working directly for Amazon, but all the van drivers will be your employees, making you their boss and head of your fleet.


Pros and Cons of Being an Amazon Delivery Service Partner

Becoming an Amazon delivery service partner can be an incredibly lucrative career option if done wisely. Here you are building and managing a team of your own drivers, not being one yourself.

But it can also come with its fair share of risks and downsides, much like any new job option or business venture.

As great as Amazon is, it is known for having some shortcomings for those who work for it. So here are a few pros and cons to consider before getting into business with Amazon.



  • It requires less financial investment when you are first starting than many other delivery services.
  • Amazon’s help and guidance can help the transition to become a business partner easy. Making it easier for those with little business experience to start out.
  • This program allows people to become more financially independent and more knowledgeable about business matters.



  • The profit potential with Amazon is less than it is with other delivery service businesses.
  • Amazon vans are very expensive, and only they can be used to deliver packages. This makes it an investment on your part when starting to work for Amazon. Even with their leasing program, you still have to make a financial investment.
  • Amazon has put limitations on the size of the fleet that you can own, reducing your chances of growing.
  • This is a hands-on kind of business, not passive. You have to be willing to work hard to make this career work for you.


You Can Become an Amazon Delivery Associate

Another option is to become an Amazon delivery driver associate, this is a position that will allow you to use and drive an Amazon van.

This position will put you directly under an Amazon delivery service partner as you will be hired by them and drive one of their leased vans. This puts you in an Amazon van with the design and logo.

This is a job where you will simply be the delivery person, no business knowledge is required. You will be put through rigorous interviewing and have to have a current driver’s license.

Once hired, you will have access to a van and get an account that lets you see addresses, orders, and other important delivery details. This will help you to do your job and deliver those Amazon packages.

This is a great job opportunity that allows you the freedom to work alone and choose the hours that you want. You also get to choose your delivery routes so you can drive where you feel most comfortable.

This is a great option if you want to drive an Amazon van but don’t want to commit to becoming an actual business partner.


Pros and Cons of Being an Amazon Delivery Associate

If you aren’t interested in becoming an Amazon partner and going into the business side of things, becoming an associate is the next best option.

There are, of course, a few pros and cons to consider before jumping right in, however. So make sure that this job opportunity is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.



  • You get certain benefits as an Amazon delivery associate, such as life insurance and a 401K.
  • You get to work alone on a route of your choosing, all without having to use your own vehicle as you get to drive an Amazon van.
  • As an Amazon delivery associate, you get a regular schedule with regular hours. Making it one of the most reliable delivery jobs out there.
  • Amazon also covers gas expenses, so you don’t have any gas fees coming out of your paycheck each week.
  • You get to have two breaks each day for eating or resting that are covered by your pay.



  • Being an Amazon deliverer can be hard work and require physical lifting and good driving skills. You may also encounter loose dogs, angry customers, or wrong addresses.
  • Depending on where you live, it can be hard to drive a large Amazon van through narrow streets and neighborhoods.


Amazon is Creating a New Fleet of Electric Vans

One thing to keep in mind as a delivery service partner for Amazon is that Amazon plans to eventually replace all of its existing vans. This would be done by creating a new fleet of all-electric vehicles as part of their carbon-neutral pledge for 2040.

These new electric vans will slowly start to replace Amazon’s current fleet of delivery vans. They will be made and designed by Ravian with an initial price of $70,000. They currently also have electric vans based on Mercedes Sprinters.

Ravian has even indicated that a driverless option is in the making and could be available in the not-so-distant future. What this will mean for Amazon drivers and delivery service partners is not yet known.


Amazon Van Delivery Owners Make $1,228 to $2,000 Per Week

Amazon van delivery owners can expect to make a decent-sized income depending on the size of their fleet. Like any business, your profits will depend on the size of your business system.

As a delivery service partner, you are paid per package delivered, which is why having a bigger fleet means more money. The bigger the fleet, the more packages you can get delivered per day.

Most partners that are able to deliver 600 to 800 packages per week can expect to earn $1,228 to $2,000 per week. This is a significant income while allowing you to practically be your own boss.

This will, of course, depend on how many vans and drivers you have going out and delivering packages. The smaller your fleet, the less money you will make.

That is why it is important to be prepared not to make very much when you first start out, as you will be in the process of hiring drivers. Income will build up slowly, but once you grow your fleet, you can expect to make a great deal each month.

Most partners start out with a fleet of five vans and have to slowly make their way up from there. This will not earn you much money at first, so it is important to quickly begin to hire drivers and grow your fleet.

It is also important to remember that Amazon has a limit on just how big your fleet can be, limiting your growth. It does not necessarily classify what this limit is, but it is assumed to be 40 vans in total.


Amazon Drivers Make $13 to $21 Per Hour

Amazon delivery associates are going to make considerably less than Amazon delivery service partners. This is because they are a further extension of the service, not a partner or manager.

The pay rate is mixed as everyone says that it is something different, but it is definitely between $13 and $21. It may depend on where you are located and how high in demand drivers are.

As far as pay rates go, this is a pretty reasonable rate since you have the freedom of working alone and with a lot of independence. You have a daily route with a set amount of hours to work.

Most Amazon drivers will arrive first thing in the morning at an Amazon warehouse where they pick up their packages for that day. There is very little need for interaction except the occasional staff meeting or gathering.

With a set hourly pay, you are guaranteed the same salary every month, making it a reliable stream of income. Unlike other delivery service jobs where you are sometimes paid by the delivery.

This is a great option for anyone looking for a freer way of working with little human interaction. You get breaks throughout the day for lunch or rest and have a set route, so you can become familiar with where you are going.

You also are assigned an Amazon van each day, so you don’t have to put the miles on your own vehicle. Amazon covers gas expenses which is another benefit that many delivery services do not have.


Amazon Delivery Service Partners Are Employees

Amazon delivery partners are considered to be Amazon employees as they hold many responsibilities that an employee has. This can be a downside depending on what you are wanting from your work.

As an employee, you get certain benefits, such as minimum wage, insurance, and holiday pay. But this also means that you have less power in the company.

Though your title may include the word partner, you are not technically a partner, and you cannot be both a partner and employee.

This can confuse some people and make them feel as though they will have more independence. But as an employee, Amazon still has plenty of power over you. This won’t usually be a problem, but it might become one later on if you want to make changes to your fleet or business agenda.


Amazon Drivers are Self-Employed

Because delivery associates do not work directly for Amazon but rather for a delivery service partner, they are not considered to be employees. An amazon driver is instead considered to be self-employed.

This can have its benefits, such as the freedom and the fact that you do not work directly for Amazon or have to follow its rules. The downside is that being an employee comes with its own benefits.

Because you are self-employed, Amazon is not required to give you paid holiday time, sick days, or minimum wage. Many benefits that employees get are not given to drivers.

Amazon has stated that its goal is to create a fair working place for everyone, whether they be employees or not. This is why they usually do pay at least minimum wage or higher, they also offer certain benefits such as life insurance and a 401K.

This is more than you would get at other places of employment where you would be considered to be self-employed.