How Tall Are Amazon Vans Are

A standard Amazon van is 96.3 inches tall on the outside, with the inside dimensions being 67.7 inches. The high-roof vans are 107.3 inches tall on the outside, with an inside height of 79.1 inches. Super high roof Amazon vans are 107.5 inches tall with an inside height of almost 79.1 inches tall.

This allows the van to be fully loaded with boxes, packages, or goods that the van needs to deliver. A high roof is very important for Amazon vans to do their job and haul goods back and forth.

Amazon vans have a lot of jobs to do between hauling goods between warehouses as well as transporting and delivering orders. This is why they are often large and compact vehicles with a high rooftop.

These vehicles are built to be the perfect transportation vehicle to get items from point A to point B.


Standard Roof Amazon Vans Are 96.3 Inches Tall

A standard Amazon van is still a large-sized van that is typically larger than any van you would normally buy for personal use. These vans are built for commercial use, making them much larger and shaped more like a shoebox.

A standard-sized Amazon van is going to be 96.3 inches tall with a standing height of 67.7 inches tall. This is a great height for storing all kinds of packages, boxes, and goods.

Even though this is the smallest size of the Amazon vans, it is still a very useful vehicle that can transport a great deal of items.


High Roof Amazon Vans Are 107.3 Inches Tall

A high-roof Amazon van is going to be slightly larger than a standard-sized van. It is taller and has more of a commercial look that sets it apart from other types of vans.

A high-roof Amazon van is typically going to be 107.3 inches tall with a standing height of 79.1 inches. This gives you even more room to transport goods back and forth as more items can be fit into the back.

This size of van is also going to be longer, which will provide even more space in the back for transporting. Making this one of the more desirable Amazon vans for its transporting capabilities.


High Roof Amazon Vans Are Up to 107.5 Inches Tall

A super-high roof Amazon van is basically the jumbo size of an Amazon van that is going to be the biggest option you have. This van is much taller with a broader appearance that makes it look like a hauling van.

The super high roof Amazon van can come to a height of up to 107.5 inches tall, which would make the standing height close to 79.1 inches tall.

This is the biggest Amazon van that you can use and will be the best at transporting huge amounts of items and goods. This could include Amazon goods, packages, and deliveries.

This size of Amazon van will typically be used to transport goods to warehouses, whereas the smaller vans will be used to make package deliveries.


You Can’t Buy An Amazon Van on Your Own

Unfortunately, you cannot buy an Amazon van on your own for your own use. Vans that are specifically used by Amazon can only be leased through their Partnership Program.

This program entails you working for Amazon’s partners as they lease you a van to use for Amazon’s purposes. You will not be working directly for Amazon, only for its partners.

With a leased van, you will then be required to make deliveries and transport goods to warehouses. Anything that entails working for Amazon and helping oblong their processing.

You also cannot buy a used Amazon van as the dedicated Amazon vans were only created in 2018. This means that most, if not all are still in use and have a few years to go before they hit retiring age.

Even then, it is doubtful that Amazon would ever consider selling the vans directly to buyers. It is much more likely that they will be auctioned off via Amazon’s delivery partners.

Even if you were able to get access to buying a used Amazon van, it may not be your wisest decision. As these vans have been heavily used and put through many miles and hauling work.

All of this driving with heavy cargo in the back can take a toll on the life of a vehicle. Making it a much less smart investment if you want a vehicle that will stand the test of time.

It might be better to invest in a similar model that is brand new and won’t have become worn out and prone to damage.


Amazon Vans Cost $50,860

Amazon vans typically cost around $50,860, though they cannot be purchased for personal use.

As costly as this may seem, Amazon most likely gets a lower price as they order their delivery vans in bulk to be made and shipped to them. Unlike individual buyers, they are most likely getting a wholesale price for the bulk amount of vehicles they purchase.

That being said, an Amazon van is not considered to be that expensive considering the size that you are getting. Many larger vans and trucks go for around the same price, if not higher.


Amazon Vans are Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The design of Amazon’s vans is based on the 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500. This is a van largely built and      designed for carrying large loads and even hauling if necessary.

Because the Amazon van is so closely designed to look and act like a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, you could buy this model of a vehicle instead of an Amazon van.

Because Amazon’s vehicles cannot be bought for personal use, buying a Mercedes-Benz sprinter is the next best thing. This will allow you to still have the same look and feel as an Amazon van.

Some similar models of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters are:

  • 2021 Sprinter Cargo Van: 96.3 to 110.9 inches tall
  • Sprinter Passenger Van: 103 to 113.5 inches tall
  • 2021 Crew Van: 81.9 to 109 inches tall
  • 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: 96.3 to 113.5 inches tall

Starting in 2022, Amazon plans to start replacing some of      its current vans with electric delivery vans. This is part of its 2040 goal of being more carbon-friendly.

These vans will be priced more at around $70,000 and will be much more eco-friendly. There has been some talk that certain new models will even be able to drive without a driver.


Amazon Vans Are Used to Deliver Orders and Goods

Amazon’s designated Amazon vans are mostly only used to make deliveries nowadays. This would include collecting deliveries from depots and taking them to the designated address.

Until several years ago, Amazon strictly relied on other postal services such as FedEx and UPS to deliver their packages. But in more recent years, it has done that job itself with its own vans and drivers.

Though some may still be used to transport goods to depots or warehouses, standard-sized vans are used mainly for deliveries. A larger van like the super-high roof van would most likely be used for both or only for transporting goods.

Part of why the Amazon van was based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is because it is equipped to transport a large number of items. This is not your everyday van or even a van used to transport groups of people.

This is the type of van that is built to be a storage van that can hold a great deal of items at one time. The perfect design for a van used to transport goods and deliveries around the clock.