The Best Mercedes Sprinter Year, What You Need To Know

The best model of Mercedes Sprinter is generally considered to be the 2006 model.  The 2006 model has had the most favorable reports from owners, from the 2004 models to all the newer ones. This makes this model the most well-loved and considered the best option. 

The 2006 Mercedes Sprinter van has obviously stood the test of time to still be considered one of the best models out there. Despite being an older version of this popular van, it is considered to be the best option. 

This obviously comes down to personal opinion, but many Mercedes Sprinter owners recommend the 2006 model. This gives this model a significant step up above the rest of the Sprinter options. 


The Mercedes 2006 Sprinter is Best Model 

The 2006 Mercedes Sprinter is a much loved year of Sprinter vans that is highly popular. This van is designed to work, and it can hold a significant amount of cargo. 

It can hold all kinds of cargo and do any kind of transporting work. The van is made to last and has obviously stood the test of time in people’s opinions. 

Even with its sleek design, it still has a huge cargo area, perfect for hauling items or adding seats to make room for passengers. No matter what purpose you have for the 2006 Mercedes Sprinter, it can do the job. 

It is a very dependable and heavy-duty van, which is why so many people like it. 


2006 Mercedes Sprinter Pros and Cons  

The 2006 Mercedes Sprinter van comes with its own pros and cons despite being such a popular model. There is no perfect van out there, and even this favorite has a few drawbacks to consider. 

If you are thinking of purchasing a 2006 Sprinter for yourself, there are a few things that you should get to know about this van first. 



  • The 2006 Mercedes Sprinter has great fuel economy and is not one of those gas-guzzling vans. This van uses every drop of fuel and does not require as many gas stops as other similarly sized vans. 
  • Despite its large size, many people have remarked on its agility.. The van is large and somewhat bulky, but it does not feel that way on the road. In fact, it is very easy to maneuver and drive through tight areas. 
  • The 2006 model is also considered to be a very safe option. Compared to other similarly sized vans, this model is remarkably safe for drivers and passengers. 



  • The 2006 Mercedes Sprinter is higher priced than some of its competitors. Despite the fact that they are similar in size and have many of the same benefits. 
  • Because the 2006 model Sprinter is older, it can be difficult to get certain parts if they are needed. Not every repair shop will have the necessary parts on hand or have them easily accessible. 


The 2017 Mercedes Sprinter is Second Best 

The 2017 Mercedes Sprinter van is the second-best option that you can purchase. This was the trailblazing van that launched the production of more technical vans that had more special features. 

The 2017 model also came with a magnificent towing capacity that set it apart from the rest of the crowd. It was one of the main show-stopping vans that launched a whole new line of vans for the company. 

This van is decked out with several modern tech features to make it more advanced and useful to the driver. This includes features like backup cameras, lane departure alerts, and other safety features to help with driving. 


2017 Mercedes Sprinter Pros and Cons 

The 2017 Mercedes Sprinter is a great van to buy if you are interested in a Sprinter van. This second-best pick has many amazing features that might intrigue you enough to buy it. 

Though this model is not as popular or recommended as the 2006 model, it has many benefits to consider. Especially since it is a more up-to-date vehicle with many modern features to consider. 



  • The 2017 Mercedes Sprinter van offers an amazing amount of interior versatility. This makes this van perfect no matter what you are planning on using it for. Whether it is going to be a business, personal use, work, or passenger van. 
  • This van offers plenty of cargo and passenger room and can be changed to accommodate one or the other. You could easily make this into a passenger vehicle by adding more seats. 
  • The 2017 model offers extensive warranty plans to help cover your vehicle for any accidents or damage. This gives you extra security when purchasing this investment van. 
  • There are numerous configuration options that you can choose when purchasing this van model. This gives you the option to customize it to suit whatever you plan on using it for. 
  • The 2017 Mercedes Sprinter comes with an impressive amount of safety features that some older models may not have. This includes lane monitoring, a forward collision system, and crosswind assistance. 
  • The 2017 model is known for its various package deals that you can take advantage of. This allows you to better customize your van and get the most out of your money. These package deals include features like cruise control, heated mirrors, cargo bay LED lighting, and more. 



  • Many 2017 Mercedes Sprinter owners have reported having difficulties controlling this vehicle in windy areas. Heavy crosswinds make it difficult to control and navigate despite having a crosswind assistant system in place. 
  • The 2017 model also comes with relatively high maintenance costs. It has a relatively high ownership cost and will often need regular maintenance on a yearly basis. 
  • When it comes to having repair work done, the pricing can vary. This is because different dealerships price parts differently, making it hard to find the best deal out there. 


The Third Best is the 2018 Mercedes Sprinter 

The 2018 Mercedes Sprinter van is the third-best Sprinter van you may want to consider. This is the closest option to the 2017 model and sports many of the same features. 

If you like the 2017 model but are looking for something with more of a modern twist, this might be a great pick. It sports a few extra features and has sleeker interiors that can be better suited for passenger transport. 

This Sprinter van is an absolute monster with a huge amount of cargo space and a large build. It is perfect for transporting cargo or doing any hard-working job out there. 

This heavy-duty van is ideal for any kind of transporting, hauling, or towing jobs that you may have. Just keep in mind that it is a bulky van and can be difficult to drive. 

This may not be the ideal option for anyone who is not used to driving a large vehicle or is nervous by the thought. 


The Fourth Best is The 2019 Mercedes Sprinter 

The fourth best Mercedes Sprinter van option is the 2019 model, which comes with many new modern features added. This gives it a step up from the rest as it is much more modern and comes with more gadgets. 

This van comes with a huge variety of entertainment, convenience, and safety features that you can enjoy. The biggest downside is that it falls short compared to much newer models. 

It is priced similarly, while offering fewer modern functions than the newer models have. This makes it less of a bargain if you are interested in the most modern van option with the most gadgets. 

This is a great work van that has a considerable amount of cargo space and very comfortable interiors. It also sports a sleek design that is functional while still being pleasing to the eye. 

If you are concerned about getting a van with the most recent features, you may want to skip this option for a more recent model. 


The Fifth Best is the 2010 Mercedes Sprinter 

The 2010 Mercedes Sprinter is considered to be another great model that anyone would still be able to enjoy. 

It is a very reputable van that is sure to get positive attention, especially if you use it for commercial purposes.  

This sleek van has an eye-catching look with a significant amount of cargo space. This makes it ideal for being used as a work van no matter what goods you are transporting. 

It can even be enjoyed as a day-to-day vehicle as it is still very user-friendly despite being so large. However, as great as the van is, the others have had the best feedback. 


Mercedes Sprinters Can Be Expensive to Maintain 

Mercedes Sprinter vans have a high-quality reputation for being high-quality vehicles, but are also are known for being very pricey. In fact, these vans can easily become a money hole that you could end up committing to. 

Not only are Sprinter vans some of the most pricey vans on the market, but they also have expensive maintenance as well. This can add up very quickly and become an unpredictable expense if you do not maintain your van properly. 

It is reported that these vans will cost an average of $18,634 in their first 10 years of being used. This is a significant expense and does not necessarily entail any serious issues that may need to be repaired.  

It is also estimated that there is a 56.68% chance of a Sprinter van encountering a severe issue that needs to be repaired. All within its first 10 years of service. 

Not only do you end up paying the hefty price of the van, but you may encounter several unexpected expenses later on down the road. This is why it is important to do your research before purchasing one of these vans. 

To avoid the more expensive repairs, you will need to commit to regular maintenance to upkeep your van properly. 

However, as expensive as the vans are to repair, people buy them because they tend to break down less often than the vans from other manufacturers. This means they spend more time on the road and in total don’t cost any more to own. 


Mercedes Sprinter Van Pros and Cons 

If you are considering getting a Mercedes Sprinter van, there are some things that you might want to consider first. Though these are great vans and come from a reputable brand, that does not mean that they don’t have their issues. 

These vans, however popular, come with some complicated and expensive issues that you will want to know about. Even the most popular Sprinter van has some downfalls that might just change your mind about buying one. 



  • Mercedes Sprinter vans have long-lasting engines that contribute to this brand’s high popularity. This makes them durable with long lifespans, as their engines can withstand years of wear and tear. 
  • These vans are also built to withstand plenty of heavy-duty work. They are great for commercial work but can also be used as personal or off-road vehicles. 
  • The average Sprinter van has a life expectancy of 300,000 miles or more which is exceptional. This makes this brand of van an investment that will pay off in the long run. 
  • They have an exceptional lifespan that can be utilized to the absolute fullest, even for hard-working commercial vans. You can enjoy your van for years and years to come with enough maintenance to keep it in good condition. 
  • Sprinter vans are very popular, mostly due to their versatility, as they can often be customized to suit your needs. This makes them an ideal option if you have a specific purpose for your van, as you can have it personalized. 
  • Many of them are also known for being easy to maneuver despite being such large vehicles. They are considered to be very user-friendly despite being large vehicles. 



  • Sprinter vans are one of the more expensive van options, with a starting price that is typically around $36,355. This is pretty steep and can be a huge issue for many buyers, especially as Sprinters cost a lot to maintain as well. 
  • There are a lot of reports of them having a loud rumbling sound while being driven. This is due to the lock-up clutch of the TC wearing out and creating a shuddering motion. This can be a complicated repair job that will end up costing you. 
  • This brand of the van has also had several reported issues with other parts failing or not working properly. This includes the oil cooler leaking, intercooler hose leaking, exhaust flex pipe leakage, and glow plug and module failure. 
  • It is estimated that most Mercedes Sprinter vans have over a 50% chance of needing a major repair done in their first 10 years. These are bad odds, especially when you think of how much this repair could cost you. 
  • It will be expensive if your Sprinter van requires a lot of maintenance or repair work, as the labor and parts for repairing them tend to be more than for other vans. This adds up fast, especially if you run into serious issues.