How to Fix Sprinter Van Key Fob That’s Not Working

To fix a Sprinter key fob: 

  1. Remove the key from the ignition and hold down the lock button. 
  1. Continue to hold down the lock button and push the unlock button five times. 
  1. Release buttons and press the gate/trunk button. Your Sprinter van remote should synchronize. 

If that doesn’t work, try replacing the key fob batteries. 

These are easy and very effective steps you can take to fix a broken or unresponsive Sprinter van key fob. This stressful and irritating issue, can be easily resolved within a few minutes. 

If these steps do not fix the issue, there may be something bigger at work that is causing the issue.  

There are several other things you can check, such as the batteries in the key fob, the key fob function, or the All Activity Module. 

Some of these can be fixed by yourself, but others may require someone else to do the job. If this is the case, you may have to get professional help to resolve the problem. 


Remove the Key From Ignition 

The first thing that you will want to do when you are fixing your Sprinter key fob is to take the key out of the ignition. Within 10 seconds of doing this, you will need to start holding down the lock button. 

Do this without inserting the key back into the ignition. 


Press the Unlock Button 

As you are still holding down the lock button, also start to press the unlock button. Pressing the unlock button five times while continuing to hold down the lock button. 

Make sure you are pressing the unlock button down all of the way and not simply tapping it. 


Press the Gate/Trunk Button 

Once you have pressed the unlock button five times, release both the unlock and lock button together. Next, press the gate/trunk button once. 

Once you have completed all of these steps, your Sprinter van remote should synchronize itself and begin to work again. Once that happens, you can put your key back into the ignition if you need to use your vehicle. 


Try Replacing the Batteries 

If the above method did not fix your Sprinter key fob, there is another simple option that you could try. Many times a Sprinter van key fob will stop working once the batteries die. 

This means that all you have to do is replace the batteries to get the key fob working again. This is a very simple and cheap fix that will usually help the key fob to start functioning like normal again. 

Make sure to buy the correct batteries for your key fob and insert them as they are supposed to go in. Once this is done, your key fob should begin working. 

If your key fob is still not working, you may need to try resetting it. Sometimes Sprinter key fobs will not work after a battery replacement. This will require a quick resetting that should fix the issue entirely. 

If that doesn’t work either and the red light is still not coming on, something else must be the problem. 


Your Sprinter Key Fob Will Light Up if Working 

The best way to know if your key fob is working is that the little red light will light up when you use it. This should happen whenever you press any of the buttons on the key fob. 

If this does not happen, your key fob is still not working. If you have tried other methods to fix it, this might mean that the key fob is malfunctioning or defective. 

This will require you to go to a repair shop, most likely one that also handles Sprinter vans specifically. They may be able to fix the key fob for you, or it may need to be replaced. Either way, it is best to leave certain things to the professionals in this case. 


Reasons for a Key Fob to Not Work 

There are several reasons why your Sprinter van key fob might not be working. If you have tried the above method with no luck, there are a few things you can look into. 

Most of these problems can be easily fixed by yourself, but some might be more serious. If you are not vehicle savvy or comfortable working on your van, you could take it to a mechanic. 

Try to take the metal key out of your key fob to start your vehicle, as long as it can still recognize your key, this should work just fine. This will allow you to at least still be able to drive your van around. 


Battery Has Run Out and Needs to Be Replaced 

The most common cause for a Sprinter van key fob to stop working is that it needs new batteries. Key fobs run out of battery and do need to occasionally have them replaced. 

When your key fob needs new batteries, the old ones will die and leave your key fob non-functional. This can be frustrating if it happens unexpectedly, but it is a very simple problem to fix nonetheless. 

Most Sprinter key fobs will take CR 2025 batteries, but you will need to check the batteries already in there to be sure, so you know what kind to buy. Make sure to follow the directions and insert them properly. 

Once you have changed the batteries, try clicking any of the buttons on your key fob. Any time you click a button, the red light should light up; if it doesn’t, something is wrong. 

This may mean that you got the wrong batteries or inserted them incorrectly, try putting them in again just to be certain. 


The Key is Defective or Broken 

If you have successfully replaced the batteries and there is no other obvious issue, your key fob should begin to work. If after all of that, you still don’t see the red light turn on when you push a button, the key might be defective. 

The light should always light up when you are using the key fob or pushing any buttons, if it doesn’t, that is a sign that something is wrong. 

The remote should also transmit a signal, this can’t be seen by the naked eye, but you can see it if you use your phone camera to look. You should be able to see a light when you try to use your remote. 

If you can’t see a light through your phone camera when you use the Sprinter key fob, it is most likely defective or broken.  


All Activity Module Not Recognizing Key 

The All Activity Module may also not be working and not recognize your key when you try to use it. To figure out if this is the problem, it is best to take your vehicle to a mechanic. 

They will be able to do a series of tests to find out if your AAM is having issues with your key. If this is the issue, it may need to be fixed or even replaced, something that could be a costly repair. 

Make sure you get this checked out by a repair place that specializes in Sprinter vans, this way, you will know that the issue is being handled correctly. Sprinter vans can be complicated and shouldn’t be worked on by just anyone. 


Resetting Sprinter Key Fob 

If you end up having to replace the battery in your key fob, there is a very good chance that you will need to reset the key fob afterward. This is because most Sprinter key fobs will not work after you change the battery

To get them to work again, you have to reset the system and give it a fresh start. Once you do that, the key fob should begin to work as good as new. 

As frustrating an issue as this may be, resetting your Sprinter key fob is very easy and should only take you a minute or two. Once you have reset it, it should work for a long time after that without any more issues. 


Place Key in Van Ignition 

To start resetting your Sprinter key fob, start by inserting your key into the ignition without turning on the vehicle. Do not turn the ignition on throughout this entire process. 


Press Down the Click Button 

Next, you will need to press down the click button while simultaneously taking the key out of the ignition. Do this at the same time to make sure that it is resetting the vehicle. 


Click Unlock Button Five Times 

Then you will need to press the unlock button five times in a row. After you have completed this last step, your key fob should reset itself and begin working.