Best Sprinter Van Alternatives for Converting

If you are looking for the best Sprinter van alternatives to drive or convert into a camper van, you have several great options. These are some of the best vans to buy that are very similar to Sprinter vans in size and make and can be used instead. 

  1. Ford Transit 
  1. Ram ProMaster 
  1. Nissan NV 
  1. Chevy Express 

If you are looking to convert a van into a camper van but don’t want to buy a Sprinter van, you have several options that are just as good. These alternatives are the most similar to a Sprinter van that you will be able to find. 

All of these other van options are similar in size and make to a Sprinter van, making them the perfect alternative. Some are even a bit more budget-friendly if you are looking for an affordable alternative to a Sprinter van. 


Sprinter Van Alternatives for Converting 

Sprinter vans are one of the most popular options of a van for converting into a camper van, but they aren’t always an option for everyone. Whether you don’t want a Sprinter van for financial reasons or other reasons, there are plenty of other options that you have to choose from. 

Sprinter vans may be great, but plenty of other amazing vans can be converted into a camper van just as easily. Some of these options are also significantly more affordable if budget is a concern for you. 

So, if you are interested in finding a good alternative to a Sprinter van, here are some of the best vans to look into 


1. Ford Transit 

My first choice is the Ford Transit, I love how it is a light commercial vehicle that is incredibly well known and respected by most van enthusiasts. The layout of most Ford Transit vans is spacious, with a hefty amount of cargo space in the back. 

It comes in several different models, allowing you to pick the size and model that best suits your needs and lifestyle. They are made to withstand hard work and plenty of wear and tear, while still being able to be used on a daily basis. 

If you are looking to buy a Ford Transit van, here are some great options to look at: 

  • 2022 Ford transit-350 Crew: $40,490 
  • 2022 Ford Transit-150 Cargo: $35,925 
  • 2022 Ford transit-150 Passenger: $42,600 

Here are some pros and cons to buying a Ford Transit to convert into a campervan. 



  • This is a cheaper option than a Sprinter van, making it more realistic for many to purchase. This also gives you more room for converting expenses. 
  • Dealerships and repair shops that can work on Ford Transit vans are all over and much easier to find—making repairs easier to make as you can get them worked on almost anywhere. 
  • It has a bigger load volume ideal for converting into a day van or campervan. 
  • Ford Transit vans have a more boxy-shaped interior cargo area. Making them easier to convert into a comfortable living space. 



  • Ford Transits, though large, have less storage space in the cab and are generally less roomy. 
  • Most Transit vans run on gas which can become a great deal more expensive than diesel. Especially if you plan on driving long distances regularly. 
  • Ford Transits tend to be smaller even if you buy a cargo Transit van; this can create a less spacious campervan. 


2. Nissan NV 

The Nissan NV is a full-size van made to do all kinds of heavy-duty work. They are generally quite bulky vehicles as they have a large cargo area for transporting goods. 

The size of the Nissan NV makes this type of van an excellent alternative to a Sprinter van, especially if you want to convert it. It is spacious, allowing you to make plenty of changes to the inside without weighing it down. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Nissan NV, you should have a look at these options: 

  • 2021 Nissan NV Cargo: $30,640 
  • 2018 Nissan NV 3500 SL: $31,285 
  • 2021 Nissan NV200 SV: $24,680 

If you are interested in buying a Nissan NV van for converting into a campervan, here are some pros and cons to consider. 



  • This is a very affordable option that most people would be able to buy to convert into a camper van. This can help significantly in freeing up your budget for conversion costs. 
  • Nissan NV vans are considered pretty reliable vehicles with very few complaints about their lifespan.  
  • The more compact build of a Nissan NV makes this van very easy to maneuver and drive through towns and neighborhoods. Perfect for the driver who is not comfortable driving huge cargo vans. 
  • Nissan NV vans are considered to be a very quiet ride, something that most would appreciate on long road trips across the country. 



  • Because the Nissan NV is more compact, this van will give you less space for converting. You can still create a nice campervan, but it will be less spacious in the cargo area. 
  • Nissan NV vans are not the most high-tech or stylish vans, especially on the inside. This can make converting more time-intensive and costly as you have to add more to it to make it modern. 
  • This van has a relatively large and inefficient gas tank, so need more frequent gas fill-ups which can start to wear away at your finances. 


3. Ram ProMaster 

The Ram ProMaster van is one of the more affordable commercial vans that you can purchase. Its wide variety of models makes it ideal for all kinds of different uses, whether you need it for hauling, converting, or transporting passengers. 

This large van is built to withstand plenty of wear and tear and is an excellent choice if you want a vehicle with a long lifespan. It doesn’t have too many bells or whistles, but it is a sturdy van that can do any job that you need it to do. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Ram ProMaster van, here are some great models to look at: 

  • 2022 Ram ProMaster 3500: $39,725 
  • 2022 Ram ProMaster Cargo Van: $35,730 
  • 2022 Ram ProMaster City: $27,295 

If you are interested in converting a Ram ProMaster into a campervan, here are some pros and cons to consider beforehand. 



  • The Ram ProMaster has a very square cargo area, making it easy to convert into a comfortable living space. This also provides a better standing space since the roof slopes less. 
  • Ram ProMaster vans are very reasonably priced for the size of vehicle that you are getting. 
  • The Ram ProMaster has very straight walls, which makes it easier to build onto without having much prior knowledge. 



  • The Ram ProMaster has a front-wheel drive which can be a downside for most campervans as they rely more on the rear wheels. This can make it harder to get that heavy van up steep inclines and hills. 
  • The Ram ProMaster tends to get stuck if driven through certain terrains. This is mainly due to its size and weight, as well as its lack of rear-wheel power. 


4. Chevy Express 

The Chevy Express has been around for a long time and is considered a great work van. It can be used for all kinds of purposes as it is large and made to withstand plenty of wear and tear. 

This is another van option that is a bit more affordable than a Sprinter van, making it ideal for when you are on a budget. The downside to this make is that it can be a little outdated, which can make converting more complicated. 

If you are interested in getting a Chevy Express, here are some options to look at: 

  • 2022 Chevrolet Express: $33,000 
  • 2018 Chevrolet City Express: $24,000 
  • 2016 Chevrolet Express 2500: $16,826 

If you are considering converting a Chevy Express van into a campervan, here are some important pros and cons to consider first. 



  • The simple interior design makes this van ideal for the DIY’er who is creating a campervan. It is easy to build onto and allows you to make it your own in the process. 
  • The Chevy Express is a very affordable van that most people could afford to convert into a campervan within a budget. 
  • They are hard-working vans with a reputation for being a workhorse that can tow large amounts of weight. This can come in handy if you need to tow something in the back or weigh down the cargo area. 



  • The Chevy Express has a much lower roof than the other van options, making it something you will most likely have to fix. This could add significantly to the cost of converting it into a campervan. 
  • Chevy Express vans are considered to be expensive vans to repair, making ownership costs pretty high. This can be a huge downside if you are taking it out onto terrain that could cause the need for repairs. 


Most Cargo Vans are Similar to a Sprinter Van 

Because a Sprinter is considered to be both a light commercial van and a cargo van, most cargo van models will be a good substitution for a Sprinter. This is mainly due to the large size that you get when you purchase a cargo van. 

Especially when converting a van into a camper van, you need to take size into careful consideration. This is because the size will be very important, as you will be using your van to live in. 

A cargo van provides excellent space to allow for all kinds of additions that you will need to convert it into a camper van. The more space the better, as you do not want your campervan to become too cluttered and small. 

All of the vans mentioned above are cargo vans depending on the model that you get. Even if they aren’t specifically marketed as being a cargo van, many are still large enough to be considered one. 

They also offer many benefits that you would expect to get from a Sprinter van, such as the build, endurance, and versatility. 


Pros and Cons of Converting a Van 

If you are considering buying a van to convert into a camper van, there are some things that you should first consider. 

It is a very big project to take on, and the last thing you want to do is jump into it without understanding the pros and cons. This is important and will give you the clarity that you need to make a wise decision for yourself. 

With such a big financial investment, you want to fully know what you are getting into to decide if this is right for you. 



  • It can be more affordable if you play your cards right and choose the most affordable options while converting your van. 
  • It can allow you to personalize your camper van much more, making it your own with some special touches. You can also add things to your camper van that a newly bought camper van wouldn’t have. 
  • You get to choose the make of van that you want instead of buying a generic camper van. 
  • It can be a very enjoyable project if you enjoy this kind of labor. It can also be very rewarding once you are done and get to reap the benefits of your hard work. 



  • If you aren’t careful, converting a camper van can quickly become very pricey and get out of hand. Ending in you spending more money instead of saving. 
  • Converting a van into a camper van is time-consuming work, you may spend less money on the end result, but it will take up much of your time. This is a huge time investment that you will have to be ready to make. 
  • You may have to settle for less than perfect appliances and other additions to stay within your budget while converting. 
  • The end result may not look the way you want it to, especially if you had to settle for certain materials due to cost. 
  • Unless you know what you are doing, the time it takes to convert could be doubled or tripled. You might also make some very costly mistakes along the way if you aren’t careful. 


A Ford Transit is a Better Option to Convert Than a Sprinter Van 

Despite the fact that the Sprinter van is one of the most popular vans to convert, this does not necessarily mean that they are the best. They are one of the bigger names, but there are still plenty of other van options that are just as good. 

The Ford Transit, for example, is a great van to convert. Besides being just as great of a van, a Ford Transit is considerably cheaper for most people, making converting it into a campervan more realistic. 

A Ford Transit may have less room for converting, but it is a more common vehicle that more places will work on. This can be a dealbreaker benefit when you are out on the road and suddenly need an unexpected repair. 

The square interior shape of a Ford Transit is also ideal for converting into a campervanaking it easier to create a homely and spacious living quarters, even if it has less room than a Sprinter van. 

All of these things make converting a Ford Transit into a campervan an ideal option for most. Though a Sprinter is still one of the best options, it is not always realistic for someone looking to convert. 

The Ford Transit provides the size, make, and durability for a much smaller price. 


A 2022 Sprinter Van Starts at $38,300 

The 2022 Sprinter van model starts at $38,300 for an average-sized Sprinter cargo van. This is an ideal van for converting into a campervan as it has the size and versatility you want. 

Though this is not a hugely expensive van, it can be very costly if you think of the price of converting it. You want to set aside plenty of money for the converting process, as that will also be a hefty expense. 

A typical campervan conversion can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000, depending on how nice you want your campervan to be. This can also be affected by the size and shape of your van, as well as how much needs to be changed about it. 

This is an expense that is really important to estimate before buying a van as it will affect the option that you go with. A Sprinter van is pretty reasonably priced, but there are always more affordable options. 

To upgrade to a Sprinter Passenger van, the cost will go up to $45,300, whereas an Extended Cargo Sprinter van will cost $50,660. This is considerably more expensive if you want the extra weight and more modern features. 

With a Sprinter van, one of the most important things to consider is the price, as that is the defining feature. If it is too high for your budget, there are plenty of more reasonable options of van available.