What a UPS Van Is

A UPS van is a delivery van used by the UPS company to deliver packages and mail to people. They are usually very recognizable with the UPS logo and are brown with a boxy shape. These are specialty vans designed only for UPS to use and cannot be bought for personal use by anyone.  

These vans are heavy-duty vans that are used for a very long time to deliver packages to people all over. They are specially designed for UPS and have a very recognizable design that you probably have seen. 

This type of van is highly desirable, as many people would love to get their hands on one. Like other specialty vans for companies, UPS keeps a tight grip on their vans and does not sell them. 


UPS Vans are Delivery Vans 

UPS vans are delivery vans by design and built to have a long lifespan since they are required to drive so much. They are also specially designed to suit the purpose of UPS delivery people, making their job more efficient and easier. 

These vans are very easy to spot on the road as they are always chocolate brown with the UPS logo on the sides. This is done specifically so that people will know when the UPS van has come by. 

These vans are ordered in large batches by UPS to fulfill its delivery needs. Though they are based on other vehicle models, they are very much their own vehicle. 

These vans are heavy-duty with a sharp boxy shape and very durable. This makes them ideal for the rough life of being a delivery van and driving so frequently. 

You will only ever see this model of vehicle used as a UPS delivery van as they are not used as personal or otherwise commercial vans. They are only owned by UPS and are not sold elsewhere or used by other companies. 


UPS Vans Got a Recent Makeover 

In 2020, the standard UPS van got a makeover as the company enlisted the help of a UK company to create new and improved UPS vans. 

These new and improved models are electric vans, designed to be more eco-friendly and effective. They also look a bit different as their boxy shape is all but gone and replaced with smooth edges. 

The new UPS van is still a dark shade of brown with the UPS logo printed on the back and sides in yellow. The overall design looks very different as these vans are much smoother and more modern-looking than the original. 

These vans have a much larger window in the front and fancy sliding doors. A step up from the nonexistent doors that the older models have, or should we say don’t have. 

UPS originally ordered 20,000 of these new vans to disperse through its fleets of delivery vans. There is word that they plan on making another potential purchase in 2023. 

They still have not replaced all of their old UPS vans as 20,000 merely puts a dent in its large fleet of delivery vans. The goal is to eventually replace all of the older models with these new and improved ones. 


You Can’t Buy a UPS Van 

Despite how much you may want one of these snazzy UPS vans, they are not for sale and never have been. They most likely never will be for sale either. 

Much like the Amazon vans, these UPS vans are not for sale and are made only for UPS specifically. You won’t find this specific design of van anywhere else as they are made for the UPS company. 

Even old UPS vans never find their way to new owners as UPS has a strict rule of repairing vans until they ultimately can no longer be repaired. Once they have reached their maximum lifespan, they are taken apart for parts or scraps. 

This is done mostly because UPS does not want their vans to get into the wrong hands. With the van obviously being a UPS van and covered with the company’s logos, it could be used for illegal purposes. 

UPS also wants the vans to stay within its company and not become mainstream. It is very recognizable, and UPS wants it to stay that way and only be known as a delivery van. 

So, despite the arrival of new and improved electric vans, UPS will not be selling its old delivery vans. You can try to find one for sale, but it is next to impossible as any old UPS van is quickly used for other purposes. 


UPS Vans Are Around $40,000 

It is next to impossible to know just how much UPS’s vans really are, as the company has been very hush-hush about it. It is believed that the newer electric models are worth at least $40,000 a piece. 

This means that its order of 20,000 new vans could very well have been $400 million or more. A very pricey makeover for the delivery company. 

Some large UPS vans, also referred to as UPS trucks, are believed to be around $50,000. So, it is clear just how valuable these vehicles really are with such an extravagant price tag. 

Unfortunately, you still can’t buy one of these delivery vans, even if you could afford that steep price. They are designed specifically for UPS and are made to order as UPS is adding electric vans to its already existent fleet. 


Most UPS Vans Don’t Have Doors 

One strange fact about UPS vans is that the older van model does not have any doors. This is most likely a detail you have noticed when you last saw a UPS van delivering packages. 

The newer electric models have sliding doors that are sleek and effective for delivery drivers to use. An improvement from having none at all. 

This design was created without doors to make it easier for the delivery driver to enter and exit the vehicle. This is because they have to get out to deliver mail and packages many times on each road.  

Because getting in and out of the delivery van was something that had to happen so repeatedly, UPS designed the vans without doors. This made the job easier and faster for the delivery people. 

The downside to this was that it can be hazardous to drive without doors. Not only is it a danger in high traffic areas or on busy roads, but it was also less than ideal in bad weather. 

Without doors, UPS drivers have to bundle up well on bad weather days as they cannot heat their delivery vans. They are exposed to the elements all day, making the lack of doors something that isn’t always ideal. 

The electric vans with sliding doors are highly preferred and still allows the drivers to deliver quickly and efficiently. This creates a safer working environment that is also more comfortable for the UPS delivery driver. 


UPS Vans Don’t Turn Left 

One strange fact about UPS vans is that they do not turn left, not because they can’t necessarily but because they aren’t allowed to. 

UPS drivers are given specific routes to take and must stick to those routes. This is because left hand turns are:  

  1. Less safe and takes longer when driving on right-hand side roads. 
  1. They are less fuel-efficient, even if the route is slightly longer. This is because left-hand turns in the road cause the vans to be idling for longer. 

UPS has a policy that keeps UPS drivers from turning through oncoming traffic.  

This would be different in other countries where they drive on the opposite side of the road, as they would, then not turn right. 


UPS Vans Don’t Have Air Conditioners 

One fact that might take away your desire to own a UPS van is that they do not have air conditioners installed. This results in the vans becoming intolerably hot during the hottest times of summer. 

The cargo area of these vans is especially known to become unbelievably hot during the summer, becoming a health risk. UPS drivers are often in great danger of becoming ill due to the lack of AC. 

The heavy metal vans attract the sun’s glare and quickly begin to heat up during the day. With the only relief coming from the breeze that the moving van makes as it drives without any doors. 

This is a huge downside to the UPS vans and just might be enough to make you rethink your desire to own one for yourself. Any vehicle without an AC is an immediate health hazard during warm weather. 


Pros and Cons of UPS Vans 

Like any type of vehicle, UPS vans have their own pros and cons that set them apart. Though you may really like the UPS van model, they have their flaws, just like any other kind of vehicle. 

If you are considering becoming a UPS van driver, it would be useful to know some of these pros and cons. As they can help you to be better prepared to drive this type of van. 

Here are some of the most prominent pros and cons of both UPS van models. 



  • UPS vans are large and built to be heavy-duty, making them ideal delivery trucks equipped for a lot of driving. They can also hold a lot of items in the back. 
  • The newer UPS models are electric and because of that, are more efficient, cost less to use, and are eco-friendly alternatives. 
  • The new models have sliding doors, making them safer to drive in, especially on busy roads or during poor weather conditions. 
  • The electric UPS vans have a larger windshield, giving drivers a better view of the road for easier navigating. 



  • Older UPS modes do not come with any kind of door, making it a hazard in certain situations. This can be dangerous on busy roads or during poor weather conditions. 
  • UPS vans are very pricey considering they have only one specific purpose. They do not have passenger seats, so they can only be used to transport goods such as packages and mail. 
  • You cannot buy a UPS van, even if it is old and has been taken off of the road. These vans are only used by UPS and cannot be bought for personal use. 
  • The older model of theirvans are out of date looking and do not have any modern technology inside. 
  • UPS vans do not come with any kind of AC unit installed, making these vans unbearably hot during summer. This puts drivers at risk of heat-related illnesses such as sunburn and heatstroke. The absence of doors also puts the drivers directly in the sun’s glare. 


Vans Similar to UPS Vans 

Like all types of company vans, UPS vans are built similarly to how other van models are made. UPS has pulled inspiration for all kinds of other models to create its own van design. 

This is why some company vans may seem slightly familiar to you, as most are based on another vehicle design. You will see this in the Amazon vans, as they are based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model. 

So, if you want to buy a UPS van, you could always settle for one of these other van options. All of these are similar to the UPS vans in their own way and can be used in similar ways. 

These vans also come in various models and styles, allowing you to pick and choose the option that works best for you. Here are some other vans that are similar to the UPS van model and make. 


Ford Transit 

The Ford Transit is a van model used frequently by companies to put branded signage on the side as to brand their commercial vans. This is because it is such a great working van for all kinds of heavy-duty tasks. 

The Ford Transit comes in several different sizes and has a long lifespan. It is also easy to handle despite being a rather large vehicle. 

This is one of the top vans to look into if you want something versatile and made to be put to work. It is known for having great warranties and performs very well on the road, even with unfamiliar drivers. 


Dodge Grand Caravan 

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a van with a sleek design, perfect for performing many different tasks. It also comes in different sizes and can easily be used to deliver or transport goods. 

This is also a slightly more affordable model than the Ford Transit.. It is known for being lower in quality than some other models of the van. 

This is due mostly to its lack of modern functions, which sets it back several years. It is not nearly as advanced and does not have the same kind of technology. 


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 

Several models of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter are similar to UPS vans, making them a great alternative option. This is a very popular van amongst several companies as many such as Amazon based their company van designs on the Mercedes-Benz. 

This is an amazingly versatile van that is used across the board for all kinds of uses. It is also easy to navigate and makes a great option for anyone unfamiliar with driving larger vehicles. 

Its various models make it ideal for anyone looking for a specific kind of van or kind of make, as the Mercedes-Benz most likely has an option for you. 


Mercedes Benz Sprinter Box Van 

The same as the Mercedes Sprinter vans above, but with a box structure for putting packages in, rather than the usual van body. 

Sprinter box vans are heavy-duty vehicles that look very similar to a small trailer truck. They are built to withstand a lot of heavy-duty work and are perfect for all kinds of uses. 

This makes a great commercial truck for transporting goods and hauling items. It cannot be fitted with any second row passenger seats as this is where the box storage structure is. 

Compared to the other van options that are similar to UPS vans, this model is the least versatile. It is more of a heavy-duty van that cannot be used for other purposes. 

Its large cargo area and very minimal seating makes it perfect for hauling and transporting goods and not much else.