How to Reset DEF Light on Sprinter

To reset the DEF light, you should refill the DEF tank. If this does not make the light turn on again, you could try to manually reset it. You can do this by turning the key until you hear one click and waiting 30 seconds before turning off the ignition. If this resets the light, it will turn off.

There is one other manual way that you could try to reset the DEF light (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), if it is not automatically going off. If neither option works, you may need to take your Sprinter vehicle into a repair shop.

There may be an issue with the DEF alert or the DEF tank, so it is a good idea to get this checked out by a professional. Overall, you should never ignore the DEF light if it is on, as this is an important alert.


The DEF Light Should Reset Automatically

The DEF light in your Sprinter will turn on when the DEF tank starts to get too low. This will usually trigger the light once it only has about 10% DEF fluid left in the tank.

This does not give you very much time, so you should refill the DEF tank as quickly as possible to avoid any issues with your Sprinter. Once you refill the tank, the light should automatically shut itself off.

This is because, it will sense the change and know that the issue has been resolved. Then it should not turn back on until it senses that the tank needs to be refilled again.

It is important to make sure the light turns off so you will know when you need to refill the tank next. You can experience serious issues with your vehicle if the DEF tank becomes empty, so you want to know when to fill it.

This is why it is so important to make sure the light turns off, so that you will be alerted next time.


How to Manually Reset DEF Light for Sprinter

If the DEF light does not automatically turn off when you fill the DEF tank, you may want to try a manual option. This could help you resolve the issue if the problem is just a glitch causing the light to stay on.

This is not an uncommon issue as alerts or display lights can sometimes not sense things properly. Resulting in them turning on even after the issue has been resolved.

You will want to try to reset this display light so that you can be alerted the next time the DEF tank is empty. This is an important alerts system, and you want it to be ready to work in case you need to refill the DEF tank.


Turn the Key

To manually reset the DEF light, turn your key to the first position or until you hear the first click. Wait for 30 seconds before turning off the ignition.

If this has worked and reset the DEF display light, you should see it switch off immediately. If that happens and you have already filled the DEF tank, there is nothing else that you need to do, it is reset successfully.


Turn the Ignition

If that does not reset the DEF light, there is a second thing that you can do to try to reset again. To do this, turn the ignition on once, press the gas pedal, and hold until the glow kicks on.

Press back the gas pedal until the glow plug flashes several times, then release the pedal. Turn off your vehicle and wait 10 seconds before turning it on again.

Once you have turned your vehicle on again, press the gas pedal twice, holding it on the second press. Hold the pedal until the plug turns back on, the DEF light should follow by switching off.

If the DEF light switches off and is no longer alerting you, you know that you successfully reset the DEF light.


A Blinking DEF Light Could Be More Serious

If your DEF light starts to blink, this means that this is your very last warning. Once this happens, you know that your DEF fluid is completely out, and your vehicle is going to lose power.

This is critical and can lead to serious issues with your vehicle, you should never ignore a blinking DEF light. If it begins to blink, this means that you have already ignored it up until this point.

You should never let your DEF tank get to this point as it can damage your vehicle. You will have to refill the DEF tank at some point, so it is best to do it long before the light ever starts to blink.

If the DEF light is blinking, you have a very limited amount of time before your vehicle loses power. You will need to quickly stop driving and refill the tank to rest the DEF light and balance out your fuel again.

You cannot drive without the DEF fluid, so you need to keep the tank filled at all times. It should never get to the point where it is so low that the light begins to blink as a warning.


You Should Refill the DEF as Soon as Possible

The DEF light will come on to alert you when the DEF fluid is running low and needs to be refilled. This can begin to lower the power of your Sprinter, making it run much more slowly and with less control.

There are various stages where the alert will change color depending on the degree of lowness that you are reaching. You do not want to ignore this as it will result in your vehicle losing power and not starting.

Even if you wait till the last minute to refill the DEF, your vehicle could still end up not starting the next time you try to use it. That is why it is best to refill the DEF tank as soon as you get the alert, just to be safe.

The DEF light might even kick on if there is contamination within the fuel. This can happen if you accidentally put the wrong type of fuel in the tank.

It is a good idea to do your research on the right kinds of DEF fluid as well as how to check it, refill it, and maintain it. If you accidentally do something wrong and damage the DEF tank, this could result in a very costly repair. As well as removing your means of getting around until the issue has been resolved completely.


Check the DEF Tank to Avoid DEF Light Issues

If you want to avoid getting close to running out of your DEF fuel, you can always check it for yourself. This will help you avoid ever running on an empty DEF tank or having to deal with a DEF light that won’t turn off.

To do this, you will need to:

  1. Turn on your vehicle.
  2. Find the main menu button on your steering wheel.
  3. Click that button three times.
  4. Then click the down arrow.

Once you do this, the DEF level should appear on your dashboard, showing you just how empty the tank is. It is best to not let it get any lower than a quarter of a tank, just to be safe and avoid running out.

You can refill the DEF tank as frequently as necessary to keep it at a high level. Just make sure you check the DEF amount beforehand to avoid overfilling it when it does not need more fuel.

This is a great way to keep up on it and avoid having the DEF get too low or become an inconvenience. It can also help to prevent you having to ever try to reset the DEF light if it won’t shut off even after having the DEF tank filled.


It Can Be Against the Law to Drive Without DEF

Believe it or not, certain states within the U.S. even made it illegal to drive around without DEF in your vehicle. This varies by state, of course, but it is not at all uncommon.

This can also vary according to the type of vehicle you drive and the exhaust design. This is just one more reason why you should never ignore a DEF alert.

In general, you should never ignore any kind of alert that your vehicle is giving you. These often show that there is an issue going on that needs to be addressed, whether it is very urgent or not.

To stay safe on the road and take the best care of your vehicle, you want to take every alert seriously. If you do not know what one means, consult your owner’s manual to find out.

You can also find helpful information online if you do not have access to your owner’s manual.