How Much a Cheap Camper Van Costs. 11 Affordable Examples

When it comes to their prices, they can range anywhere from $10,000 to $120,000. Ultimately, it all comes to the necessities it contains, such as depending on the size, space for kitchen, dining & bathroom, on the top of which especially the brand behind it.

Great examples of a cheap camper van are:

  • Mitsubishi Delicia, which starts at $12,217
  • Caravan Outfitter’s Free Bird, starts from $37,665 onwards
  • Ford Falcon starts at $6000
  • Romahome falls at $22,095
  • Citreon Dispatch which is of $11,200

I have put together an easy-going list of budget-friendly & least expensive camper vans that you can spend your money on without buying a financial strain.

So pack up your bags & be ready to dive into life on the road without worrying about having a massive budget.


1. Mitsubishi Delicia – from $12,217 onwards

Mitsubishi Delicia is first on my list, a strict, agile, and fun-to-drive vehicle. It has all the amenities you need to live the whole road life. The walls are insulated; there is a complete battery charging & power management system plus vinyl flooring.

There is more to it as the spacious hob & sink are neatly fitted in the wooden cupboards that are beautifully handcrafted. A 4 foot rock & roll chair magically turns to a comfortable bed for you to recline in at the end of a tiring day.

Basic facilities such as water, gas, or lighting are not an issue in this masterpiece; hence, you don’t have to spend extra money from your pocket to set up everything from an inch.

Pull-out walnut drawers have enough capacity to store up all your clothes & supplies. At night you can stare up at the stars thanks to the Delica’s unique, Back to the Future-Esque sunroof. Isn’t it so dreamy & already seems like a vehicle you often see in movies? Simply the design is prioritizing, functionary, clean, trendy & straightforward. I assume that is pretty much all you consider while buying anything.

The good news is that, its price decreases with eac advancing year as further explained via the bar chart.

Head over to Delicia Forums for more information.


2. Caravan Outfitter’s Free Bird – from $37,665 onwards

This fantastic vehicle built on a Nissan NV200 base is an affordable option to consider. An ideal fusion of functionality & perfection. It is a multi-functional camper that is designed for everyday use. Extremely spacious for two people.

The smoothly functioning slide & glide floor enable you to quickly install your van components merely in a few matters of minutes. In addition, the free bird comes fitted with entire electrical wiring, USB charging ports, a fridge & spectacular LED lights to turn your evenings bright.

What is doesn’t like a portable butane stove & a spacious kitchen? No one. So here you are getting all you need to prepare a gourmet meal. The cherry on the top is that the spacious dinette sleeping area quickly becomes a full-sized comfortable bed at night.

They also have mesh nets to protect you from bugs, but at the same time, you can open the outlet to let the inflow of fresh air inside at night. Optional add-ons include a Batwing awning for ample outdoor living space and a rooftop storage pod for all your outdoor gear.


More info at caravan outfitters.


3. ROMAHOME R10 – from $22,095 onwards

With refined, subtle looks, a spacious, versatile interior and outstanding fuel economy, there is much to recommend the Romahome R10.That is cheap as chips for a fully functioning van with an in-built bed inside. This van is for someone who is habitual of living a minimalistic life while out on the road. There is a sink & a hob, plus there is plenty of space for your solo-sized kitchen accessories. It comes with a simple, trendy & closely stuffed-up washroom.

It has a single bed that feels like made from the enormous foam cushions ever. Unfortunately, there is only a single seat at the front, so you can’t think about rescuing someone up for a lift. Also, everything is carefully & closely fitted up so a spacious area can’t be promised in this scenario.

It might turn out to be a messy experience if you end up fitting in two people inside the van instead of one due to everything being extra cozy. However, it is undoubtedly a good choice for a person one needs to consider. Getting something fully functioning at such a least amount is bliss, so definitely, you should check it out.


Very compact for fitting into a single garage.Limited storage space.
Has plenty of headroom & a 6ft 6inches bed. 
Frugal to run-can average 50-60mpg 
Ideal for fishermen & adventurous hobbies. 


Price of different models in dollars.

Check out the ROMAHOME website for more info on their great travel vans for sale.


4. Sportsmobile Classic – from $39,100 onwards

This camper van is built for you if you are a road fanatic. The doors on the side open outwards & you get a relaxed alfresco setting when you couple this with included awning. Along with a comfortable interior, it comes with a homely bed that folds out, creating room for enough space for you to step around.

The van walls have numerous in-built drawers & cupboards that you can use to fit in all you have. How can I neglect its ingeniously designed kitchen? The kitchen has plenty of space & it compromises of a sink, fridge, microwave oven & above all, it doesn’t seem to be overcrowded.

It comprises the best heavy-duty components to maximize the off-road experience while maintaining exceptional on-road comfort. In addition, the van campers behind its manufacturing have over five decades of experience, making it an applause-worthy product.

Find out more about sportsmobile classic.


Equipments specificationsOptional Equipments
Engine: 7.3L V-8Front and/or Rear Performance Differentials from ARB
Transmission: 4R100 / Torqshift 5-speedRear Sway Bar & suspension upgrades, Improve handling and side wind stability
Transfer Case: Atlas II (3.0 or 3.8:1 gear ratio)Full Float Rear Axle
Axle Gear Ratio: 4.10:1 (Towing Package)On board air, comes with receiver for airing up tires, cleaning filters, running air tools
Tires/Rims: BFGAT LT285/70R17 (33” nom.) 



Van ChoicesLengthWBRoofPrice
Regular Body 1500 GVWR 8,55017’9”136”Low$31,500
Regular Body 2500 GVWR 9,05017’9”136”High$33,300
Extended Body 2500 GVWR 9,05019’8”159”High$34,800
Extended Body 3500 GVWR 9,90019’8”159”High$37,000
Long Body 3500 GVWR 9,90020’10”159”High$37,000


5. Citroen Dispatch – from $11,290 onwards

Next on our list is the mini but mighty van that includes everything you need to be a perfect weekend warrior. It is so comfortable to drive that it seems like you are parking a car than a van. So trust me on this one that by any chance, if you are anxious to drive a massive vehicle, then here goes the best suitable option for you.

It includes a pop-top roof, a kitchen & a folded bed installation. It is very well fitted in short. Citroen Dispatch contains side sliding doors, electric windows, cruise control, Bluetooth & DAB radio. An exciting feature is a folding twin passenger seat & an efficient air conditioning system.

A rear parking camera’s feature makes it seem more reliable. In addition, there are two wheelbase lengths, and the rear suspension can be fitted with variable stiffness shocks and springs to cater to different loads. The reliability & safety of its driver is its primary priorities.

A water pump is wired up, and 12V of charging facilities for your phone & other portable gadgets. Convert Your Van has more details on their offer and the different conversion price bands.



6. VW Caddy – from $24,550 onwards

The next van on our list is among the vans with the most elegant & beautiful interior. This fully kitted-out stealth camper van has everything you could ask forIt has a rock & roll seat/bed combo & a side kitchen to reduce the clutter.

A large garage-style door enhances its look plus it has so much space where all your essentials can easily fit in. There is also ample space underneath the cushion-clad seat—a hob, sink, and mini-fridge top everything off nicely. What makes it even more remarkable is that it has plenty of charging outlets.

It is cozy yet aesthetically beautiful since it is more innovative than ever yet more practical than ever. Now it contains more comfort & is fitted with plenty of digital functions such as:

  • Radio “Composition Audio” with 16.51-cm (6.5-inch) color touch screen
  • Front Assist with City Emergency Braking
  • Cruise control, including speed limiter
  • Anti-theft alarm system, interior monitoring, backup horn, and towing protection
  • Air conditioning – manual in the cab

Head over to Love Campers to know more about it.



7. Ssangyong Turismo 4×4 – from $23,329 onwards

Are you looking for a camper that can also accommodate the placement of a family vehicle? Guess what? Your wish just came true. Its size is compact enough to fit in all the problematic parking & it comes with four-wheel drive to get you at all those hard van life travel spots.

For the purpose of daily traveling, it comes with four leather seats plus a complete camper conversion for switching gears into the van life. In addition, you can make delicious meals as it comes up with a hop. In addition, storing the extra meal is also not an issue due to the feature of the compressor fridge.

There is also an efficient way for wastewater storage along with the presence of fresh drinking water. It is one of the best options you can consider for couples, but it can get a bit crowded with more people—two-berth sleeping positions & a tent hammock for an emergency.

This micro automatic vehicle contains too much in minimum price, so get it today & if you want more information regarding it, check it now on Wellhouse Leisure.


Huge space for sevenPoor seating flexibility
Seats easily accessedCheap interior plastics
Lots of kit 
Sheer value 


New price$17,505 – $26,180
Used price$4,535 – $24,300
Used monthly costFrom $113 onwards
Fuel economyNot tested to latest standards
Road tax cost$155 to $340


8.Honda Elysion – from $24,557 onwards

This Japanese minivan has two fitted rock & roll sofa that can convert into a bed. One of the common obstacles in most of the vans is that due to their low roof, one is not able to move freely in an upright position, but in Honda Elysion, this is not a thing to worry about as its roof can be lifted off so that you can move without any problem.

Something magical about this can turn into a four-berth motor home that easily accommodates four people. It is 4.84m long and around 2m high; hence, this camper will not face any parking restrictions across the globe. So you can easily park it in a city or anywhere you wish.

It is a vehicle that has promised comfort & luxury both at the same time. Not just this, it is also fitted with a 25L fridge, a 2KW air heater, a 100W solar panel, a leisure battery & a two-burner gas plus sink combo. It is too much for a nominal price as this has.

Check out Wellhouse Leisure for more details.


9. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK – Used From $7,950 onwards

This versatile vehicle can be called a synonym for an adventurous life. It has removable roof panels, canvas top & removable doors, enabling you to contact nature when you are near it. If you climb in a wrangler, you may find it a cheap place to live.

The initial impressions are hard plastics, rubber floors, & an overall cheap demeanor. The bottom has drainage plugs off-road; window operation toggles remove a door by centralizing all electrical components. Moreover, LED headlights & a leather-wrapped steering wheel add up its vintage look.

Wrangler was once started as a passion product, but now it is a multi-state company with workshops in California & Oregon. Jeep vehicles are naturally high quality; hence, even if you find old Wranglers, they will still have some life inside them.

To give an honest opinion, they are not a bad option such a price, but if you are expecting something luxurious, then let me warn you that Wangler is not your cup of it if you are looking for something up to date. However, likewise a camper van, it is a mediocre option to consider undoubtedly.



  • Incredible off-road ability
  • User-friendly infotainment system
  • Spacious seats
  • Potent turbocharged engines available

New for 2021

  • Plug-in-hybrid Wrangler 4xe joins lineup (late availability)
  • Available forward-facing off-road camera


10. Nissan NV200 – used from $7,998 onwards

Nissan can be categorized under the heading of a powerful cargo van. Although fuel efficiency is one of its features, it also gives a smooth driving experience. Moreover, since it is sleek, it can also go through narrow streets quickly.

One of the essential qualities is that it can easily fit within your narrow budget range. In addition, it has a comfortable bed for your all-day tired-up back. Finally, it comes up with a vent, LED lighting & ample storage that you can fill up with your accessories.

Apart from all these advantages, it still has much space that you can use to customize various accessories according to your own need. Even if you don’t want to customize that ample space can still create a spacious area for you to walk around. You must remember that ample space is a vital feature & many vans lack it.

Buying it is an easy-going option that one can consider as it comes with all the necessities & it can easily accommodate in being a good travel partner at such a minimum cost. You can get more information by going onto the given site: “Contravans offer Nissan NV200 conversions“.


In addition to Visia Grade:

  • Electrically adjustable door mirrors
  • Rapid charge port
  • Battery cooler and heater
  • Cruise control
  • Speed limiter
  • Colour reversing camera
  • Auto air conditioning


11. Ford Falcon 190- from $6000 onwards

It is very comfortable with all the amenities such as a stove, bed, bathroom & refrigerator. The starting price is $6000 & the maximum price is $12,000 which falls pretty much in range of anyone & everyone.

Happy Adventure living!