The Height of a Ford Transit High Roof Top

All Ford Transit models are going to have slightly different dimensions for their rooftop, but the average 2021 Ford Transit has a roof height of 109.6 inches. This gives plenty of room while still keeping the vehicle within the size of a normal van.

The heights of Ford Transit models that have a high roof are:

  • 2018 Ford Transit 250 High Roof Van: 109.4
  • 2016 Ford Transit 250: 109.6
  • 2021 Ford Transit Passenger Van: 82
  • 2020 Ford Transit XL High Roof Van: 108.6

If you are looking for a vehicle that is large and can be used for a variety of purposes, a Ford Transit is a great option. Especially as you have several different sizing options to choose from to suit your personal needs in a vehicle.

This article should help you to better understand just how large a high roof Ford Transit is, as well as why you might want to invest in one.


A 2021 Ford Transit High Roof Top is 109.6 Inches Tall

The average Ford Transit high rooftop is 109.6 inches tall, giving you plenty of room to transport things as you see fit. This makes a Ford Transit a very roomy vehicle that still looks and drives like an ordinary van.

A Ford Transit van with a roof height of 109.6 inches will usually have a dimension of 235.5 inches in length and a width of 81.3 inches. This, of course, will vary depending on the model you buy as well as the type of ford transit, but this article is about high roof models    

Ford Transits are typically much larger than your ordinary van, which is why they are considered to be a commercial van model.

Domestic vans are smaller and used for personal or pleasure use, while commercial vans are geared more for transporting goods.

A 2021 Ford Transit van is large enough that you can easily use it much like you would an ordinary van just with some extra perks. With a Ford Transit, you can haul much larger items and transport more as it is built larger.

With a roof as high as 109.6 inches, you can transport all kinds of items easily without the risk of damaging your vehicle. It gives you far more space to work with and more flexibility.


Ford Transit Models Have Different Roof Heights

Though most of the most popular 2021 ford transit models have a roof height of 109.6 inches, they will all be slightly different in size. This is because Ford Transits come in many different models and sizes.

These models vary by year as well as general make as ford transits are quite popular and come in many different varieties. There are four different Ford Transit variations, all catering to different buyers.

These four options give you the ability to choose the van that best fits your lifestyle and needs. Each model is slightly different and can be used for different purposes.

A Ford Transit van is going to be a bit smaller than a Ford Transit cargo van. They are both technically commercial vans, but a cargo van is used more for commercial purposes.

A cargo van is going to be a bit larger with more backspace. Perfect for hauling goods back and forth or carrying larger loads.

If you are looking into buying a Ford Transit van, it is important to do your research on the different models.


Ford Transit Courier Less High than the Transit

The Ford Transit courier is a smaller model that can be both a domestic and commercial van.

Though it is small, it can still carry a decent-sized load, whether that be goods or passengers. It is considered to be similar in size and value to the Fiesta van.

They are typically 68.8 inches tall, which is considerably smaller than an ordinary ford transit van. Here are some examples of their heights:

  • Ford Transit Courier Diesel: 69.69 in
  • Ford Transit Courier Diesel 2016: 69.69 in
  • Ford Transit Courier Trend 1.5: 69 in


Ford Transit Connect Is Bigger Than a Courier

A Ford Transit Connect is a step up from a Ford Transit Courier’s size and ability. This van is more versatile and has better seating options as well as more backspace.

A Ford Transit Connect is typically 71.6 to 72 inches in height, giving you a decent amount of room in the back for passengers or transporting goods.

Some examples of a ford transit connect are:

  • Ford Transit Connect XL Cargo: 49.8 in
  • Ford Transit Connect XLT Cargo Van: 72 in
  • Ford Transit Connect Passenger Wagon: 71.6 in


Ford Transit Custom

A Ford Transit Custom is by far one of the most popular models of a Ford Transit van. It is one of the most modern models with all kinds of modern technology added to make this option more appealing.

Not only is it a popular Ford Transit option, but it is also a very popular van in general, being one of the most bought vans on the market.

A Ford Transit custom is a very large van that has a roof height generally around 89.8 to 93.7 inches. This gives you plenty of room to use this van for any task that you might have.


Ford Transit

The Ford Transit van model is the largest option of the four models, giving you more space and a higher rooftop. A Ford Transit van is often used interchangeably with a Ford Transit cargo van, but they are considered to be the same thing.

A Ford Transit van gives you all of the gadgets of a Ford Transit Custom but with more room in the back. This is the biggest option and is usually used as a commercial van.

The typical roof height for a Ford Transit or cargo van is between 83.9 and 110.1 inches tall.


Ford Transit and Ford Cargo Vans are The Same

When looking into Ford Transit vans, you might find yourself getting confused over the use of terms like Ford Transit and Ford Transit cargo van. These two names are often used interchangeably when talking about the same kind of van.

These are not different things, in fact, a high roof Ford Transit van is considered to be a cargo van. This is because it is so large and tall with a huge amount of room in the back for transporting goods.

That is why these two names are often used to describe the same type of vehicle, so don’t be confused by them. A Ford Transit is the same as a cargo van, it is just a more descriptive way to describe it.


A Higher Roof is More Useful

There are many benefits to driving a high roof Ford Transit, mainly because this is a van that is significantly larger than your ordinary van.

Ford Transits are typically considered to be a commercial van because of their size, that being said, some people still buy these vehicles for personal use.

Because a Ford Transit van has such a high roof, you can use it for a variety of different purposes. Unlike ordinary vans, you are not nearly as limited when it comes to what you can carry.

This makes a high roof Ford Transit van ideal for anyone who is looking for a sturdy work van that can hold up under pressure. It can hold a good deal of goods for transporting whether they be bulky or large.

With the high roof on these vans, you have more options when it comes to what you can transport.


Pros and Cons of a High Roof Ford Transit Van

Like any vehicle, a high roof Ford Transit is going to have its pros and cons. This is not a cheap vehicle, so it is important that you make an educated decision when buying one.

You also want to make sure that a Ford Transit van is going to be able to meet your needs as a buyer.


Pros With Ford Transit Vans

  • A Ford Transit van has a powerful engine made to withstand plenty of pressure. This means that you can load that van up to the max without putting too much strain on the engine itself.
  • Many models of Ford Transit vans come with remarkable steering powers. Unlike other big vehicles, Ford Transits are made to be easy to steer, much like a car is.
  • For transits come with a huge list of perks when it comes to technology and modern conveniences. They are known for their modern design and come with all kinds of benefits, such as Bluetooth, wifi hotspot, and a multi-information display.
  • High-roof Ford Transit vans, specifically those made after 2020, are very quiet vehicles. Unlike other large commercial vans, this van drives very quietly and won’t be making a ton of noise on the road.
  • A high roof Ford Transit has an exceptional amount of cargo space in the back. Giving you the ability to use it for a lot of different purposes and to carry all kinds of goods.


Cons With Ford Transit Vans

  • Despite its large size, a Ford Transit does not have the highest towing capacity that you might imagine. In fact, it has a significantly lower towing capacity than other larvae vans. Coming at around 7,000 pounds for most models.
  • You get a lot of benefits with a high roof Ford Transit van, but that comes at a price. These vans tend to run very high and are not the cheapest van on the block.
  • Despite its easy steering benefits, a Ford Transit can be hard to maneuver for someone who isn’t used to driving such a large vehicle. It is very large and can be difficult to park in tight areas and feel bulky on the road.