Most Amazon Vans Do Not Have Air Conditioning

Amazon’s diesel vans do not have air conditioning, however it might be in their upcoming electric vans. This is not uncommon as many delivery vans do not have the benefit of added air conditioning. Most UPS, post office, and FedEx delivery vans are also not air-conditioned. 

Amazon does not retire its vans until absolutely necessary, which is why they have several models on the road at any given time. Amazon will hold on to its older vans while adding newer models to its fleet. 

This helps it to save money while still being able to improve its delivery vans. This is why some come with air conditioning while others don’t. 


Most Amazon Vans Are Not Air Conditioned 

As far as many Amazon drivers are concerned, many Amazon vans do not come with the comfort of air conditioning. It is known that the Amazon delivery trucks come with no air conditioning whatsoever. 

This can be a huge downside to anyone wanting to become an Amazon delivery van driver. No air conditioning can mean very uncomfortable working conditions, especially during the warmer months of the year. 

This has always been a complaint amongst delivery drivers as they have to work long hours in the heat without any relief. This is also a downside for your packages as they are not in a temperature-controlled environment. 


Amazon Vans Have Heating 

Most Amazon vans do have heating, this is good for delivery drivers when the conditions are cold outside. Especially when they are having to open and close the doors frequently to make deliveries. 

This can be especially important in very cold areas where the temperatures can drop quite dramatically. 

Though this does question why Amazon vans don’t have air conditioning as well, as both heat and cool are very important.  

Not having air conditioning can be uncomfortable and dangerous for Amazon delivery drivers. Especially if they live in areas that can become very hot, as vehicles will often attract a lot of that heat from the environment.  

This puts Amazon’s care for its employees into question as they are not provided with the necessity of cool air. 


Amazon’s Electric Vans Have Heated and Cooled Seats 

Amazon’s newer electric vans come with the benefit of heated and cooled seats. This provides extra comfort for the delivery driver who is working in that van. Even the armrests are heated to provide the driver with additional comfort.  

These additions have been added to help the driver to stay more comfortable. Amazon has also insinuated that it could help them use the heating less as they are kept warm by the heated seats. 

As far as we know, the electric vans from Amazon also have air conditioning. This will hopefully become a more common commodity for drivers once Amazon replaces their current fleet with these electric delivery vans. 


Amazon Vans Are Not Climate Controlled 

Amazon’s current delivery vans are not climate controlled, meaning that the packages are not kept at a certain temperature. This is not surprising as most Amazon vans are not air-conditioned either. 

Packages can be kept fairly warm if the driver uses the heating system in cool weather, but that is not always ideal. The packages are stored in the  van’s cargo area and are more vulnerable to drastic temperatures. 

If it is very cold outside, the packages will most likely become extremely cold as well. The same applies to hot weather as the packages can become very hot without any air conditioning. 

This can put the packages waiting to be delivered in a vulnerable position as they are exposed to weather extremes. This is why Amazon has certain regulations that monitor what it can and can’t deliver to customers. 

Their electric Amazon vans are supposed to come with climate control, which can help to protect the packages. This is ideal as it will ensure the highest delivery quality, keeping the customer’s packages in good shape during delivery. 


Amazon Vans Cannot Deliver Perishable Items 

Because Amazon’s vans do not come with air conditioning sometimes, they cannot deliver perishable items. This is because Amazon cannot guarantee that they will be delivered in good condition. 

This includes produce, cold items, and frozen items, as well as some kinds of sensitive supplements. These kinds of items can only be delivered in certain circumstances and require a climate-controlled environment. 

Amazon cannot be liable for perishable items that are delivered in an environment that is not controlled. Maybe it will change its policy once it starts replacing more of its delivery fleet with the electric vans. 


Downsides to Driving Amazon Vans Without Air Conditioning 

As you might imagine, there are many downsides to working in an Amazon delivery van that is not air-conditioned. This can make working very uncomfortable and even a bit hazardous depending on the temperature. 

If you are considering becoming an Amazon delivery driver, this is something that you may want to consider. Especially if you live in a warmer climate or struggle to work in temperatures that are not regulated. 

Here are some of the biggest downsides to first consider. 


It is Uncomfortable 

Working in a delivery van without air conditioning is a very uncomfortable situation to be in. Especially if the weather is very warm where you live and work. 

This can make becoming an Amazon van driver a less likely option if you struggle to work in heat.  

Vehicles tend to become very hot if the weather is hot and can be very hard to work in. This can ultimately be the determining factor of whether or not you decide to work as an Amazon delivery person. 


It Can Be Dangerous 

Not only is it generally uncomfortable to work in a van that does not come with air conditioning, but it can also be downright dangerous. This is because a van can reach startling temperatures when it is very hot outside. 

This can put anyone driving that van in danger of heatstroke or other heat-related dangers. Especially if you are in the middle of the hottest time of the year or live in a hot climate. 

Combine heat with active work, and you could have a recipe for disaster. Especially since you will spend most of your time inside of the hot van as you are driving to customer addresses. 


It Can Affect Your Ability to Work 

Working in extreme heat is a very difficult task to take on. Even the most heat-resistant person may find themselves struggling to keep up in hot temperatures. 

It can be very difficult to keep up with your work if it is a very hot day. Especially when the inside of your van is no cooler and makes it impossible to really rest between deliveries. 

Amazon drivers have to get out and in of their van, all day long to deliver packages. This can become increasingly harder as you are struggling to work through the heat. 

This can ultimately make it very difficult for you to do your job efficiently. 


Amazon Uses Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Based Vans 

Amazon’s vans are based off of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model; that is before Amazon started buying its electric vans. This is interesting since most of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans come with air conditioning. 

This means that Amazon made the decision not to include air conditioning in its delivery van fleet. Why they made this decision is a mystery, but it seems to be a very common decision amongst delivery companies. 

Thankfully, Amazon seems to be taking the comfort of its delivery drivers more seriously with its newer vans. As its fancier electric delivery vans are much more comfortable and include temperature control. 

They even include climate control for its packages, making sure its customers get the highest quality from their orders.