You Can Stand Up in a Ford Transit Medium Roof

The Ford Transit Medium Roof model has an interior height of 72 inches (6 feet), so if you are shorter than that, you can stand in it with plenty of room to spare. The high roof model has 81.5 inches (6 feet and 8 inches), and the low roof only has 56.9 inches (4.7 feet) interior height. 

Ford Transits come in three different heights, low, medium, and high, with all of them having enough room to stand in. This is because every model of Ford Transit is made with a high roof no matter the model. 

This is part of why Ford Transits are such popular vehicles, as they supply a very spacious cargo area. This makes them highly versatile for most ways you may want to use them. 


You Can Stand in a Medium Roof Ford Transit Van 

You can comfortably stand in a medium roof Ford Transit van with room to spare unless you are abnormally tall. Even though this is not the tallest model, it still supplies an exciting amount of cargo space. 

Ford Transits are highly popular as they offer an amount of space that many cargo vans don’t have. Even a low-roof Transit has plenty of cargo space to use compared to other cargo van models. 

Ford Transit vans are designed with this roomy cargo area for the sole purpose of being able to transport more goods at a time. This makes them ideal cargo vans as they can comfortably hold a very large load of items. 

This high roof also makes it easy for the driver to go in and out of the cargo area as they load and unload the van. This makes this process easier with less risk of hitting your head. 

Though Ford Transit vans are made to be light commercial vehicles, they are also very popular for day-to-day use. Many people buy these vans for personal use because they are so versatile and user-friendly. 

This makes them a highly versatile personal van if you have any kind of need for a spacious cargo area. 


A Medium Roof Ford Transit is 72 Inches (6 feet) High 

The outside height of a medium roof Ford Transit is just under 9 feet or 107.8 inches, to be exact. While the interior height is exactly 6 feet or 72 inches tall. 

This gives most people plenty of room to comfortably move around at standing height. If you are six feet tall or taller, this will be slightly less comfortable for you. 

Depending on how you plan to use your van, you may want to invest in the high roof model instead. If you are shorter, you could very comfortably move around in the cargo area of a medium roof van. 

It really just depends on your personal height and how you plan to use it. If you simply need to go into the cargo area to load or unload items, it may not be a big deal if it is less spacious to accommodate your height. 


You Can Stand Up in the Medium and High Roof Ford Transit Vans 

You can stand up in all of the Ford Transit models between the, medium, and high roof vans. All three vans have about 10 inches of interior height difference to work with, so which option you choose will depend on your height. 

Because the medium roof Ford Transit is exactly six feet tall, you will not want to go with a low roof van unless you are on the shorter side. Otherwise, you would struggle to stand up in it comfortably.  

The low roof model only has 56.9 inches (4.74 feet) interior height. 

If you are close to being six feet tall or just want more overhead room, you will want to choose the high Ford Transit roof option. This will give you several inches to spare. 

That being said, anyone who is a few inches taller than six feet tall might find standing in a van uncomfortable. This is because there will not be much overhead room to spare if you are this tall. 

This is why the standing height of Ford Transit vans is going to be different for everyone. If you are very short, you might find any one of these three roof heights to be more than enough to make for a comfortable standing room. 


Pros and Cons of a Medium Roof Ford Transit 

Before making your decision on buying a medium roof Ford Transit, it is important to know some details about this van. You want to make sure that you do your research in order to make an educated decision. 

With three roof height options, you want to make sure that you choose the option for you and your lifestyle. Which height option you will need will drastically depend on why you need the van and how you plan to use it. 

Your own height will also be an important determining factor depending on how you will use the van. Before making your decision, here are a few things that you should first consider. 



  • The medium roof Ford Transit is tall without being overly tall. This makes it easy to drive as it can still fit under most types of awnings that a high roof model may not be able to fit under. 
  • The medium roof Ford Transit van is slightly cheaper than a high roof without being much more expensive than the low roof option. This makes it the perfect middle option if you are under six feet tall. 
  • Medium roof Ford Transits can make excellent camper vans if you are well under six feet tall. This would give you plenty of overhead room for living in the cargo area of the van. 



  • If you wish to convert your medium roof Ford Transit into a camper van, you will need to be 5 foot 6 inches at the tallest. Otherwise, the medium roof cargo area will feel too closed in for living This is because the things you will need to do to it, will use up some of the interior height of the van. 
  • All models of Ford Transit van can have less goodownership costs than other makes of vans out thereThis is especially true if you use them very frequently and they experience regular wear and tear. 
  • A medium roof Ford Transit may not be able to fit under awnings in certain locations due to the outside height. 


Ford Transit Medium Roof Vans Make Good Camper Vans 

A Ford Transit medium roof van can make an excellent camper van for van life, depending on your height. If you are 5 foot 6 inches or shorter, this would be a very comfortable option for you to go with. 

Ford Transits are a popular option of van to renovate into a campervan because of their size. These vans are highly spacious with a wide and tall cargo area, perfect for living in with a few tweaks. 

This makes Ford transits a great option for converting depending on your height. The low-roof model isn’t  a great option as you would need to be very short to comfortably live in one. 

To convert a Ford Transit into a van to live in, you want to have plenty of overhead space. This will help the living quarters to feel more spacious and less like you are living in a vehicle. 

Ideally, the high roof Ford Transit van is the best option if you want a spacious cargo area to convert for living. 


Ford Transit Medium Roof Vans Start at $39,895 

The medium roof Ford Transit van starts at a price of $39,895 and goes up from there. This price depends on the year of the van as well as any other kinds of specially added features. 

Ford Transit vans are known for coming with a pretty hefty price tag, so they are certainly not what anyone would consider as a budget option. Though you may be able to find some used Ford Transit vans at a lower price. 

It is important to consider any additional funds that will need to go into your Ford Transit van. If you are converting it into a campervan, you will want to account for those added expenses. 

You will also want to figure out the additional cost if you plan on lifting or adding larger wheels to your medium roof Ford Transit. 

If you decide to go with a used version, make sure you get one that still has many good years to spare. If you get one that is too old or has experienced too much wear and tear, it will not be worth it in the future.