You Can Lift Most Ford Transit Vans, Here’s How

All 2015 and newer Ford Transit models can now come with a lift kit, making it easier to lift your Ford Transit Van. This lift kit is designed to provide a full two inches of added height to your Ford Transit. This combined with larger tires, can give you several added inches of height to your van. 

Many Ford Transit owners like to lift their vehicle, not only for appearance’s sake but to give them more ground clearance. A lifted van allows you to drive certain terrains that you otherwise would not be able to. 

Thankfully, it is easier than ever to lift your Ford Transit now that there is a kit for these vehicles. This makes it easier and safer to lift your van using the right equipment. 


Some Ford Transit Vans Can be Lifted 

Transit-Off-Road developed an easy-to-install lift kit for some Ford Transit models. This includes all of the 2015 Ford Transit vans and all of the newer Ford Transit vehicles. 

This lift kit comes with a modified control arm, spacer, and block, which help you lift your van. This kit can help you lift your Ford Transit a full two inches higher off the ground. 

Two inches may not sound like much, but it can be just the right amount of added height that you need. Generally, a few inches is considered the safest height to add to a van in order to still maintain its safety. 

As much as you may want to extravagantly lift your Ford Transit, you do not want to go overboard. You still need to take safety concerns into consideration as well. 


There Are Many Reasons Why Should You Lift a Ford Transit Van 

Generally, the top reason for lifting any vehicle is to have more ground clearance. This helps you to be able to take on a larger variety of terrain without putting your vehicle at risk of being damaged. 

This is because added inches give you better ground clearance, making it safer to drive over particularly rough or bumpy terrains. Without proper ground clearance, you could scrape up the bottom of your Ford Transit. 

Not having proper ground clearance can also put you at risk as you drive over rough or bumpy terrains. If you hit a high bump on the ground, it could cause your vehicle to become stuck or roll in more severe instances. 

This is why proper ground clearance is very important for many vehicles.  

Another reason why many people like to lift their vans is to give them a bigger appearance. A vehicle that is higher off of the ground is oftentimes more desirable for people. 

Though lifting your Ford Transit van may make it look more interesting and larger, this is not a good reason to adjust its height. There are certain risks involved in lifting your van, so you should only do it if necessary. 


Ford Transits Generally Have Small Wheels 

Vans such as Ford Transits and other larger vans tend to have smaller wheels. This is because smaller wheels help to reduce the power lost when rotating the wheels. 

These smaller-sized wheels create much better mileage as well as a better driving experience. They are quieter and provide a smoother ride that is more comfortable for the driver. 

They also provide better acceleration for the vehicle, which is why many large vans tend to have smaller wheels. 

These small wheels give a more comfortable ride and better mileage despite the large size of a Ford Transit van. This can be a great help if you are transporting goods that add weight to the van. 

These small wheels are a part of why Ford Transits sit closer to the ground instead of being very high. Ford Transit wheels are typically 235/65-R16 with a diameter of 28. 


You Can Add Larger Tires to a Ford Transit Van 

You can always add larger tires to a Ford Transit van to slightly lift it and give greater ground clearance. This is oftentimes done in combination with lifting a Ford Transit, giving it several extra inches of added height. 

This will also help its off-road abilities and make it better at driving on a variety of terrains. The Ford Transits smaller wheels just aren’t designed for off-road driving. 

Larger tires help you have a greater ground clearance with more driving abilities, which is ideal if you plan on driving on rough terrain or want your van to be better equipped for rougher driving. 

Just keep in mind that larger tires can greatly affect your mileage as they draw more power when rotating. They can also make your risk of rolling greater as they can affect the center gravity of your van. 

You can safely move up to a 245/75-R16 with a diameter of 30.5 in wheel size. 


Lifting Your Van May Not be A Good Option 

Depending on why you want to lift your Ford Transit, it may not be worth it in the grand scheme of things. This is because there are always going to be added dangers to customizing a vehicle. 

When lifting a van, it is important to understand that you are also messing with its center of gravity. This is very important for a vehicle as that is what keeps it stable on the road. 

When you lift your van, you are compromising its gravity, which can put it in a vulnerable position on the road. Although it’soften not an issue for most drivers, it can become one rather quickly. 

You should never drive a lifted vehicle unless you are an experienced driver. You will need to be more aware of how rough you are with it and take turns and other movements more gently. 

The van’s gravity is now slightly compromised, making it much more likely to roll. That is why you need to be extra careful when maneuvering a lifted vehicle on the road. 

You will need to drive accordingly and take extra precautions when maneuvering; both when on-road and off-road driving, as bumps can put you at a greater risk of rolling or losing control. 

These are just a few of the risks to carefully consider before lifting your Ford Transit. Lifting a van’s height should only be done if necessary, and you will want to be fully aware of the risks involved. 


Pros and Cons of Lifting Your Ford Transit 

When it comes to customizing your vehicle, there are a lot of pros and cons to first consider. This is because you are basically messing with the vehicle’s original design. 

This can come with some downsides that you may want to consider before going through with it. You will also want to know the benefits of lifting your Ford Transit van to better make your decision. 

If you want to lift your Ford Transit van, here are the top pros and cons to consider before doing so. 



  • Lifting your Ford Transit will set it apart from the crowd and give it a unique look. This will add intrigue and make your van look like a custom vehicle, rather than an average Ford Transit van. 
  • Adding inches to your Ford Transit will help it to better drive on rough or bumpy areas that you have to drive over. This is because it will keep the bottom of your van safely off the ground. 
  • Lifting your van also makes it easier to maneuver around obstacles on the road. You can drive over higher obstacles without the risk of damaging your van going over it. 
  • Lifting a vehicle increases its towing capacity, this makes it an ideal option if you need to tow something. This will give your van greater strength and make towing large items safer. 
  • Having a lifted Ford Transit will give you a better view of the road. This is because you have a height advantage, making it easier to see what is in front of you. 
  • If you have to transport heavy items in your Ford Transit, having it lifted could be a great option. This will help counteract any slumping that you might experience from driving with the added weight. 



  • Lifting your Ford Transit messes with its center of gravity, making it less stable on the road and putting you at risk of rolling over or getting into an accident if you lose control of the vehicle. 
  • Some warranties will not cover a vehicle that has been modified by lifting it. This will put you at risk of having to cover any costs out of pocket if something happens to your van. 
  • Some laws may require that you do other modifications to stay within the law. This could include dropping your bumper or adjusting lights and tags. 
  • If you lift your Ford Transit as well as add larger tires, you will usually lose some power. This can affect your gas mileage and make driving your Ford Transit van more costly. 
  • Having a lifted van will significantly increase your personal risk if you get into a car accident. This is because your van will have a higher center of gravity so can lose control or roll over more easily. This could make a simple accident much more deadly in certain instances.