How to Lift a Ford Transit Connect, What You Need to Know

You can easily lift a Ford Transit Connect if you want to with the right lift kit. Like many other Ford Transit vans, you have the option of lifting them to give the van greater ground clearance. This is also something commonly done to improve the appearance of the van itself. 

Lifting a Ford Transit Connect is surprisingly easy and requires very little vehicle knowledge. You can easily do it yourself with a lift kit that is suitable to fit a Ford Transit Connect van. 

You can lift most if not all Ford Transit vans to suit your needs and give them better driving abilities. Lifting your van can provide many benefits depending on how you use your van and what terrains it will be driving on. 


You Can Lift a Ford Transit Connect 

You can definitely lift a Ford Transit Connect if that is something that will improve how you use your van. Though it is important to not overdo it, as the Ford Transit Connect is not as large as other full-sized Ford Transits. 

The Connect is based off of a car platform, making it a little more technical to lift this van than other Ford Transits. You do not want to overdo it, or you could risk messing up the vehicle’s overall design and safety. 

The amount you can lift this van is limited unless you want to do an extensive lift. Most recommend only lifting the van by about an inch or two to not mess with the vehicle’s overall design. 

If you wish to lift it higher, you will need to do so with caution, checking the van’s alignment as you go. Overall, if you wish to get a van that you can lift very high, you should go with a different Ford Transit model. 

The Ford Transit Connect can easily be lifted an inch or two without disrupting anything important about the vehicle. But you do not want to go crazy and overdo it to ensure you don’t unbalance the entire van. 

This is a smaller-sized Ford Transit, so it does not have as much lifting room as other models. It should really only be lifted just high enough to provide better ground clearance or accommodate a larger set of tires. 

Creating too high a lift can cause the van to become unbalanced and unaligned, risking the vehicle’s safety on the road. Lifted vehicles already have a higher risk of losing traction on the road or rolling. 

So it is important to only lift your Ford Transit Connect to a safe amount. 


You Can Lift Most Ford Transit Vans 

Transit Off-Road has created an easy-to-install modification kit for all Ford Transit models from 2015 and up. This kit allows Ford Transit owners to safely lift their vans without disrupting the vehicle’s overall design and build. 

This lift kit is designed to provide two to three inches of additional height to all Ford Transit models from 2015 and up. This makes it incredibly easy to lift your Ford Transit van by yourself without causing any internal issues with the vehicle. 

This lift kit has been widely used as many Ford Transit owners want to have the option of lifting their van. This is usually because it drastically improves the van’s ground clearance. 

Lifting the van also helps a larger set of tires to fit better and feel better on the road as well as off-road.  

Though Ford Transit vans were originally designed to be light commercial vans used mainly for transporting goods. Many people like to buy these vans for personal use as they are easy to drive and very dependable vehicles. 

Many people wish to use Ford Transits as off-road vehicles despite the fact that they were not made to go off-road. To make them capable of driving over rough terrain, the vans need to be lifted and given larger tires. 

These alterations make them easier to drive off-road without risking damage to your van.  


Pros and Cons of Lifting a Ford Transit Van 

There are going to be pros and cons to lifting your Ford Transit Connect that you will want to be aware of. Though this is a common van modification, that does not mean that there are no downsides to doing it. 

Any time you start to change the design of a vehicle, you will be confronted with some issues. It is important to be aware of these before you make any kind of vehicle modification. 

You will want to make sure you make any kind of changes in a safe and knowledgeable;e way to avoid any issues later on. Especially since even a small mistake could later cause serious issues or even an accident. 

Here are the pros and cons of lifting your Ford Transit Connect. 



  • Lifting your Ford Transit Connect gives it a more interesting look that other unlifted Ford Transit Connects don’t have. Paired with larger wheels, this can drastically improve the appearance of your van. 
  • Lifting your Ford Transit Connect gives it much better ground clearance allowing you to take it off-road. This helps to keep the bottom safe from any damage that could be caused by rough or rocky terrain. 
  • Lifting your van will also improve its towing abilities, as it gives it better height and leverage. This can help your Connect to better tow larger items behind. 
  • Having a lifted Ford Transit Connect will also help you have a much better view of the road. This will give you an advantage over other drivers and allow you to see more of the road when driving. 
  • Lifting your Ford Transit Connect will make your van more versatile and better for strenuous activities. 



  • Lifting any kind of vehicle is going to give it a higher center of gravity, this can make your vehicle slightly unbalanced. This is why lifting your van could add to its risk of rolling if it gets into an accident. 
  • If you want to do a drastic lift to your Ford Transit Connect, you will have to modify other areas of the van. This could add up fast and become a very expensive alteration. 
  • Depending on how high you lift your van, you may need to make other modifications to the van. Some of these modifications are required by law. 
  • Lifting your Connect can create a bumpier drive as the vehicle’s balance is changed. This combined with larger tires, could make driving a little less comfortable. 


Pros and Cons of a Ford Transit Connect Van 

If you are considering buying a Ford Transit Connect to lift, there are a few things you should know about this van. Like any Ford Transit, this model has pros and cons that every potential owner should be aware of. 

It is important to do your research before really investing in a new vehicle so you can be fully prepared. You want to choose the right kind of van to fit your lifestyle and your needs. 



  • The more recent models of Ford Transit Connect have excellent fuel economy. This helps drivers have to stop less for gas fill-ups and helps your gas money to stretch farther. 
  • Ford Transit Connects have a front-wheel drive, which helps them to drive more like a normal vehicle instead of a commercial one. This makes them ideal for people who do not feel comfortable driving a heavy or complicated van. 
  • Many Ford Transit Connects come with extensive safety features to make driving that much safer. This is ideal for those who drive long hours as the safety features help to make driving safer and more efficient. 
  • The Ford Transit Connect is the smaller model of Ford Transit, giving it more versatility. This is the perfect model of Ford Transit to use for day-to-day use as it maneuvers easily and feels more compact. 
  • The Connect drives very smoothly, making it feel more like a car rather than a commercial van. It takes bumps seamlessly and drives smoothly on most road types. 



  • The Ford Transit Connect is much smaller than other Ford Transit vans and can be too small for certain uses. If you need a van with a large cargo space, this may not be the best model to go with. 
  • It has a lower amount of power, reducing its towing and transporting abilities. This van could easily begin to feel weighed down and sluggish if too much weight is added. 
  • The Ford Transit Connect does not come with an all-wheel drive option. This is a downside, depending on where you live and whether or not you would need to have this kind of driving feature. 
  • The Ford Transit Connect has poor ownership costs and can rack up some pricey repairs. This makes it more expensive in the long run if it experiences regular wear and tear. 
  • Many Connect owners have complained of the transmission being faulty in many Connect models. This results in the van sometimes rolling away even if the shifter is in park. 
  • The 2020 Ford Transit Connect has a high number of transmission complaints. These often involved shifting delays, burning smells, grinding when accelerating, and vehicle shaking.