How You Can Add Seats to a Ford Transit Cargo Van

You can add seats to your Ford Transit cargo van if you need extra room for passengers. This is a relatively easy thing to do, and most auto places can take on this kind of project for you. This allows you to use your Ford Transit to transport passengers rather than only cargo in the back.

Cargo vans do not typically come with seats in the back as that is considered to be cargo space. They are not originally meant to hold passengers, other than the two seats in the very front for the driver and one passenger.

This is why some Ford Transit cargo van owners want the option of being able to add seats. This way, they can transport passengers in their van besides cargo.


You Can Add Seats to Ford Transit Cargo Van

You can certainly add seats to a Ford Transit cargo van if that is something that you want to do. In fact, Ford has a whole list of approved upfitting shops that can do this job for you.

This will not be as simple as merely taking out or adding van seats like you may be used to. You will have to buy new seats to add to your Ford Transit cargo van as it has no passenger seats originally.

You may be able to cut the cost down a bit if you work personally with an upfitter to get seats added to your Ford Transit cargo van. An upfitter will be able to help you get the seats and add them to the van in the correct way.

This is not an extremely difficult project as you just need to buy the seats and add the factory floor brackets to the van. Once you do this, you should be able to easily add the seats into the van. This should also allow you to install seats that can later be removed if necessary.

This is not a project you should try to complete on your own, however. As seats not installed properly can become a great danger to passengers. You want to make sure they are installed securely and safely.


Ford Transit Cargo Van Seats Do Not Fold Down

One detail about the Ford Transit cargo van to know is that the seats that it has has do not fold down. The drivers and front passenger seats are not capable of folding down and are not necessarily designed to be removed.

If you want seats that can fold down to provide more room, you can buy van seats that can be folded. Then when you have installed them, they can be folded as needed to free up extra space.

You can also add as many seats as you like to a Ford Transit cargo van within reason. Generally, a van of this size can fit up to fifteen passenger seats without becoming too cramped.

But you can add far less if you do not need that many seats or wish to save some money.


You Can Add a Bench Seat to Ford Transit Cargo Vans

If you want to go a different route than van seats, you could also choose to add a bench seat instead. These bench seats can usually fit anywhere from three to five passengers on one seat.

This could make the process of adding seats to your Ford Transit cargo van easier and faster. Instead of having to add multiple individual seats, you can simply add a bench seat for each row.

This could potentially be a cheaper option as well as you are buying fewer individual seats for your van. If you could get a good deal on bench seats, you would have to buy far fewer seats overall for your van makeover.

Bench seats are not any harder to install either and can be done, so very simply. Though this is still something that a professional should be left to do for your passenger’s safety.

Seats that are not installed properly could start to move around when driving or even become completely separated from the vans floor. This can be a huge safety risk for everyone seated and inside the van.


You Can Usually Use Any Kind of Van Seats

Though Ford recommends going with one of its approved upfitters to install seats and get the right kind of seats, you can usually use any van seats. Most van seats are universal and are all designed in much the same way.

They may look a little different and even feel different, but their basic design is still the same as other vans. This means that there is a good chance that you can simply buy a basic set of van seats.

Not having to buy specialty seats or Ford-made seats will help to make this process significantly cheaper. You can also find a very good deal on either van seats or bench seats to fit into your Ford Transit cargo van.

You may need to do some research beforehand, but you can probably find some van seats to fit into your Ford Transit. Ford Transits are not known for having specialty seats, so most van seats can probably do the job just fine.

This is a great way to save a little extra money and get the opportunity to choose the seats that you want for your van.


You Can Remove The Ford Transit Passenger Seat

If you wanted to, you could even go so far as to remove the front passenger seat from your Ford Transit cargo van. This is a change that you can legally make as long as that seat is not needed.

Not many choose to do this since there are very few reasons why you would. This could be a good option if you want to replace the front passenger seat with a better seat.

If you want more room in the front, this could also be the solution you are looking for. By removing the front passenger seat, you would be giving yourself a lot of extra room to use as you please.

Just make sure that you will not need to add that seat back in for a front-seat passenger later.


Pros and Cons of Ford Transit Cargo Vans

Any vehicle will have its upsides and downsides, and the Ford Transit cargo van is no different. This can be a great van if you are looking for something large and very spacious.

If you want to add seats to a van, this is the ideal model to do it to since it has plenty of room. Adding seats to a cargo area will also give passengers much more room, and it won’t feel as crowded.

That being said, there are some downsides to the Ford Transit cargo van to first consider.



  • The Ford Transit cargo van is a very user-friendly van that does not feel like you are driving a cargo van. It is easy to maneuver and does not feel as heavy or bulky as you might think.
  • Despite its large size, they providd a very pleasant ride. It is quiet and takes the roads very smoothly; it won’t bump around like some other cargo vans out there.
  • They come with a variety of optional add-ons. This gives you the opportunity to personalize your van to fit your specific needs. This includes options like HD radio, Bluetooth, cruise control, safety features, and more.
  • These vans have a very roomy cargo area for transporting goods. This space can also be converted into a space for passengers if you add seats.
  • The Ford Transit cargo van is pretty sleek and modern looking despite being a cargo van. It does not look nearly as outdated as many other cargo vans do and has a modern appearance that you can enjoy.



  • Ford Transit cargo vans tend to have relatively small wheels for the size of the vehicle. This can make it difficult to use the van for off-road uses as it will be a very rough and uncomfortable ride.
  • They can sometimes have poor ownership costs and have a relatively high amount of repair needs compared to some other makes out there. This can add up along with maintenance.
  • The cargo area of a Ford Transit cargo van can be difficult to access for some people. This is a small complaint but one worth considering if you want a cargo space that is easily accessible.
  • Because vans are so large with high sides, they have a higher risk of rolling over than some other vehicles such as sedans, if you were to get into an accident.
  • Ford Transits also only got a four-star rating out of five for frontal crash protection.