How You Can a Drive Van With an Automatic License

You can still drive a van even if you only have an automatic driving license, it is perfectly legal as long as the van has an automatic transmission. You can drive most vehicles with an automatic driving license as long as they are considered to be automatic.

If you only have an automatic driving license, you can still drive a van legally, it just has to be a certain kind of van. This applies to any other vehicle that you want to drive with an automatic license.

This type of license may slightly limit your vehicle options, but it is still a great option and allows you to drive legally.


You Can Drive a Van With An Automatic License

An automatic driving license will still allow you to drive a van legally as long as it upholds the license’s requirements. These requirements usually involve not driving any vehicle that has a manual clutch.

There are many options of automatic vehicles that you can drive on an automatic driving license. You can even drive a van with an automatic license as long as the van uses an automatic transmission.

Unlike several years ago, an automatic driving license offers many more options now, making these licenses more worthwhile. Before there were very few automatic vehicles to choose from, but now you have more options.

This allows you to get more use out of an automatic driving license without being quite as restricted. It also doesn’t hurt that there are far more automatic vehicles available now.

If you want to drive a van but only have an automatic driving license, here are a few vans that have automatic models which are safe to drive with an automatic license:

  • Vauxhall Vivaro
  • Volkswagen Caddy Cargo
  • Mercedes-Benz Vito
  • Citroen Berlingo
  • Volkswagen Transporter
  • Ford Transit


Vehicles You Can Drive on An Automatic License

If you have an automatic driving license, you still have plenty of vehicle options to choose from. Unlike several years ago, there are far more automatic vehicle models that you can choose from.

There are all kinds of makes, models, and types of vehicles that you can now buy as an automatic. Giving you the freedom of choosing what you want and need, even on an automatic driving license.

All of these options should be able to comply with a basic automatic driving license as the rules are almost always the same. If you are worried about choosing the right option, you can always talk to your local DMV about your concerns.

Here are the four different types of automatic vehicles that you can drive with an automatic license.


1. Traditional Automatic Transmission

This old-school kind of vehicle has been around a long time and has seen quite a few improvements.

An automatic transmission is what you will find in the most affordable automatic vehicles. It uses a torque converter to change gears instead of a clutch and is very fuel-efficient compared to other vehicles.

This is an affordable and easy-to-find option if you have an automatic driving license. This is also an option that you can find second-hand if you are looking for a cheaper, used vehicle.


2. Semi-Automatic Transmission

A semi-automatic transmission is a type of vehicle that causes quite a bit of confusion among those with an automatic driving license. The short answer is that you can drive a semi-automatic transmission vehicle with this kind of license.

A semi-automatic transmission means you can either let the van choose the gears, or you can select them yourself and there is no clutch pedal you need to press.

It uses a manual gearbox, but everything else is done automatically. Most semi-automatic transmission vehicles are modern and are considered to be a high-performance vehicles.

Some semi-automatic vans that you can choose from are:

  • VW Transporter Kombi DSG SWB Highlight
  • 2019 Volkswagen Transporter
  • VW Caddy 1.9TDI Auto DSG
  • 2014 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi


3. Continuously Variable Transmission

A continuously variable transmission vehicle works very similarly to an automatic transmission vehicle. This type of vehicle has a belt and pulley system instead of a gear system.

These types of systems are considered to be pretty high class as they drive smoothly, run efficiently, and are used in many modern hybrid vehicles.

Some vans that come as a continuously variable transmission are:

  • 2021 Nissan NV200
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
  • Honda Odyssey


4. Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have a more complex inner working system, but they do not have any manual clutch, making them legal to drive with an automatic license.

Electric vehicles are one of the most desirable vehicles as they have much lower fuel costs, reduce global emissions, and save you considerable money over time.

The big downside to this option is that electric vehicles tend to be pricey, even if they do save you money in the long run. An electric vehicle can feel like a big investment initially.

Some electric vans that you have to choose from when using an automatic license are:

  • Mercedes-Benz eSprinter
  • Nissan e-NV200
  • Renault Master Z.E.
  • Peugeot Partner Electric
  • Mercedes-Benz eVito


An Automatic Drivers License Vs Manual Driving License

If you are trying to decide whether or not you should get a manual or automatic driver’s license, there are a few things to first consider.

Like anything, both of these options have their pros and cons, all things that you should carefully consider before making a decision. You want to choose the license that will be the most beneficial for your lifestyle.

Both of these options have their weak points, as well as their benefits, and what you decide on will be about personal choice. Some people might be perfectly happy with an automatic license, while others aren’t.


Automatic Drivers License

An automatic driver’s license is a license that strictly covers automatic cars. This requires you to not only take the driving and written test but take automatic driving lessons to understand how it works.

Even though it requires more steps, an automatic license is generally considered to be the easier option of the two. Automatic cars are much more user-friendly and are great for beginners.

Unlike a manual car, automatic vehicles only require basic steering and breaking with no need to manually move a clutch. This makes this option so appealing to those who are not comfortable driving.

Because an automatic vehicle is so much easier to drive, many people can take the test and pass it fairly quickly. This allows them to quickly get their driver’s license within a short amount of time and with less stress.

The downside to this is that an automatic license only covers automatic cars. With this type of license, you can’t just drive any car that you have access to, it has to be automatic.

This is because you tested with an automatic car and only proved that you know how to drive that kind of vehicle.

This can feel very limiting and reduce your options when it comes to buying your own vehicle.


Manual Drivers License

A manual driver’s license is the most basic and popular option of license out there. It covers both manual and automatic cars, which is why it is the most commonly given license.

You really won’t have any kind of restriction with a manual driving license as you can drive any kind of vehicle that you want to. Once you have this type of license, you can choose the type of vehicle that you want to drive.

The downside to a manual driving license is that it is considerably harder for people to get usually. This is because a manual license test is a bit harder  as you are driving a manual vehicle.

Manual vehicles are a bit harder to drive and can be more intimidating for new drivers. This often results in people failing and having to take their driver’s test a few times.

The risk with taking the more complicated manual driving test is that you may fail a few times and have to retake the test. This can become a problem if you fail repeatedly as you can only take the test 3 to 5 times within one year.


Automatic Vehicles are Safer to Drive

Another upside to using an automated driving license is that driving automated cars is safer. Because automatic vehicles are easier to drive, your chances of getting into an accident are much less.

This goes especially for those who are not familiar with driving or who are not very good drivers.

Some automatic vehicles have safety measures in place to help reduce your chances of getting into an accident. They are also easier to control if you were to be hit by another vehicle or started to spin out of control.

These types of vehicles are generally easier to control without being too harsh on the vehicle. This makes them safer for those who are not quite experts yet when it comes to driving.

They are also a more relaxed vehicle that allows you to spend more time focusing on the road and your surroundings. Instead of fidgeting with gears and the clutch, which can distract you from what is going on around you.


You Need an Automatic or Manual Driving License to Drive a Van

No matter which driving license option you go with, you absolutely must have a driver’s license. There is no vehicle there that you can legally drive without a license, no matter the model or type.

If you want to be able to drive a van, you have to make sure that you have one of these types of driver’s license. This is the only way to drive safely and legally.

Many people opt to get a manual driving license purely because it gives them more options. It can become difficult to buy a new vehicle if you are limited to only driving an automatic.


Pros and Cons of An Automatic Driving License

Even though you can still technically drive a van with an automatic driving license, there are still some pros and cons to consider.

An automatic driving license can be great for some people, but it may not work for everyone. It naturally comes with some restrictions that may limit your driving abilities and freedom.

These are some things to consider closely before deciding whether or not you want to get a manual or automatic driving license.


Pros of an automatic driving license:

  • They are often considered to be easier to get. Automatic cars are by far the easiest to drive, making them ideal for those who struggle with driving or are beginners.
  • Because they are often easier to get, you can get your license faster. This will allow you to begin legally driving in a shorter amount of time, making it ideal for those who need to be able to get around.
  • If you already have an automatic car, this is a great option that allows you to quickly get a license without the process taking too much time.


Cons of an automatic driving license:

  • They restricts your options and only allows you to drive automatic cars.
  • Because this kind of driving license is only valid when you drive automatic cars, you may have to pay more for these vehicles. Automatic cars are typically more expensive and there will be  fewer buying options.
  • Repairing an automatic car is more expensive, so you will not be able to drive if it breaks down and you can’t afford to fix or replace it.
  • Automatic car driving lessons generally cost more, meaning getting an automatic driving license is going to be more expensive in the long run.
  • Some areas may be more strict with their automated licenses, making it harder to find out what you legally can and can’t drive. Just to be safe, it is always a good idea to get some clarity from your local DMV.