Anyone Can Drive a Ford Transit Van, This Is Why

Anyone can drive a Ford Transit van no matter what your driving skills or qualifications are. As long as you have a legal driver’s license and driving experience, you can drive a Ford Transit. There are no requirements necessary, and you do not need any special skills except basic driving knowledge. 

Many people may think that they cannot drive a Ford Transit van, but they can. There are no special skills needed to drive this kind of van, just the basic understanding of how driving works. 

Though these vans can be quite large, they are not overly difficult to drive. In fact, Ford Transit vans are one of the easiest large vans to drive and are incredibly user-friendly. 


Anyone Can Drive a Ford Transit Van 

Anyone can drive a Ford Transit van, you do not need any special set of skills or training. You can take on a Ford Transit with the most basic driving knowledge. 

Despite its large size, this van is very user-friendly and caters to the beginner when it comes to managing a larger vehicle. They are safe and easy to drive and only require minimal practice to excel. 

This is a favorite among many drivers because of its desirable design and ease of use. Anyone can drive this vehicle even with the most minimal of driving experience. 

All you need to drive a Ford Transit is some form of driving experience, a valid driver’s license, and some practice. It is best to practice driving a Ford Transit in a private place before driving on public roads. 

Practicing will help you become more familiar with how the Ford Transit drives and feels. 


You Can Drive a Ford Transit Van on a Car License 

Despite the size of a Ford Transit van, you can actually drive it on a simple car license. This is because a Ford Transit van is still considered to be under the class B license. 

The class B license is a license more commonly referred to as a car license. This is because most car licenses are B licenses. Making it the most commonly given driver’s license. 

This is great as it allows you to drive a Ford Transit on the license that you already have. There is no need to go and get a special license or take any special tests. 

Your driver’s license should clearly show what classification it is and be easy to identify. If you cannot tell, you can always contact your local DMV, they will be able to identify the type of license you have. 


Things to Remember When Driving a Ford Transit Van 

Though Driving a Ford Transit van is much easier than you might think, it does have its differences. These are some differences that you will want to be aware of to drive safely. 

Every vehicle drives slightly differently, and you will need to take time to get used to that. That is why it is always recommended to practice driving a new vehicle before hitting the road. 

Though the Ford Transit is very beginner-friendly, there are a few things about driving it that you will want to know. 


There Are Larger Blind Spots 

Because the Ford Transit is a larger vehicle, it has larger blind spots. These can make it significantly harder to see what is around you or beside you. 

This can make it dangerous if a smaller vehicle or bicyclist is in a blind spot next to you. You will need to find ways to counteract this and watch your blind spots carefully, especially before turning or switching lanes. 


Braking is Slower 

Like any large vehicle, braking is going to be a slightly slower process. This is because a Ford Transit is larger and heavier, making the brakes work harder. 

You will need to take this into account when driving and make sure to brake sooner. You will have to give the vehicle more time to come to a complete stop due to its size. 

You will also want to maintain a lot of space between you and other vehicles. This will help you avoid rear-ending another vehicle if you can’t brake soon enough. 


Parking is Tight 

One big aspect of driving a larger vehicle is parking. Parking a Ford Transit is going to take some time and practice. In fact, this is something that you most definitely should practice before hitting the road. 

A Ford Transit is a very large vehicle, so it is going to be more difficult to park. Parallel parking is very difficult, while finding parking spots will depend on the other parked vehicles. 

You will need to remember that you cannot fit in tight parking spaces like you can with other vehicles. You may want to park away from other vehicles until you get the hang of it. 


More Road Awareness 

You will need to exercise more road awareness when driving a Ford transit. This is very important as you are now in a much larger vehicle. 

It is easy to not see other things on the road or to get too close to other vehicles. In a larger vehicle, you pose a greater risk to other drivers if you do not stay aware of your surroundings. 


A Ford Transit Van is a Light Commercial Van 

The Ford Transit van is a family of vans that comes in various sizes. They are all considered to be light commercial vans though some are actual cargo vans. 

Despite this, Ford Transit vans are also commonly used for pleasure or personal use. This is part of why they fall under the class B license category. 

Many people buy this van because it is very large and durable while still being user-friendly and realistic for everyday use. 


Ford Transit Vans Pros and Cons 

Like any kind of vehicle, the Ford Transit vans also come with their own pros and cons. These are very important to consider if you are thinking about actually buying a Ford Transit. 

Buying a van is a big step to take, and you want to make sure that you know what you are doing. You also want to be comfortable with your decision and know that a Ford Transit van is the right fit for you. 

To learn about the top pros and cons of owning and driving a Ford Transit van, keep reading. 



  • As far as large vans go, Ford Transit vans are very reliable and tend to have a long lifespan. They are built to last and with regular maintenance can drive for a very long time. 
  • Despite their large size, they are incredibly pleasant to drive as they drive smoothly on any type of road. They are also fairly quiet and make for a very pleasant van to drive if you don’t enjoy bumpiness. 
  • The Ford Transit has an amazingly powerful engine that can withstand a great deal of strain. This makes them a great option for transporting heavy items and loading up the cargo area. 
  • They have an impressive amount of cargo space that is both deep and wide. This makes it ideal for transporting all manner of items as there is plenty of space to work with. 
  • The Ford Transit also offers a seating capacity of 15 passengers, which is very impressive. This space can be used to seat people, or the seats can be removed for other purposes. 
  • Because the Ford Transit is fairly tall, this gives the driver a very clear view of the road. This is ideal in such a large van as it helps to counteract the blind spots. 
  • The Ford transit has an above-average level of interior comfort than many other vans. It is both modern and comfortable, taking the passenger’s comfort in mind with the design. 



  • Ford Transit vans have a history of poor ownership costs. 
  • They do not have the best towing capabilities despite being such large and heavy-duty vans. If you plan on doing a lot of towing, this may not be your best option. 
  • These types of vans can become very expensive to maintain. The average Ford Transit has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, but it needs to be properly maintained. This kind of regular maintenance can become extremely expensive over time. 
  • Some models have been known to have an issue with constant loss of power. This is particularly present in the 2016 models. This has been a big complaint amongst owners, especially those running older models. 
  • There have been some complaints of poor transmission that eventually needed to be repaired or replaced. This is not extremely common, but it is a fear amongst Ford Transit owners, as this kind of issue can become very expensive very fast. 
  • One common issue with the vans is that they have a tendency to get a clogged fuel injector. This could also tie in with their loss of power and be the cause of that issue as well. 
  • Many owners complained of premature brake wear that eventually lead to costly repairs. Though many vans can be hard on their brakes, this was an issue found repeatedly in Ford Transit vans.